Have You Heard Of “Blue Ramen”? Where Can You Find This Unusual Dish in Tokyo?

  • Japan is known for its weird and quirky inventions, and this includes food. If you want to try some delicious and unique food while in the country, head to this restaurant in Tokyo and try their ramen that has blue-colored broth!

    Ramen Kipposhi and Their Blue Ramen

    Ramen Kipposhi is a relatively medium-sized restaurant located in the famous Azumabashi area of Tokyo’s Sumida Ward. It is known for a special variety of glowing chicken ramen that is actually blue in color. You can have this mouth-watering dish, which looks like something aliens or humans from the future would eat, for as low as 900 yen. The broth is really consistent with clear blue hues and you won’t be disappointed with the taste. Every spoonful is good because of its unique color and rich flavor.

    The blue broth ramen served by Ramen Kipposhi has a sufficient amount of veggies, together with sliced chicken breast and a boiled egg. The best thing about this ramen is that it is healthy and colorful at the same time without the additional preservatives.

    What makes it blue?

    If you would like to know directly from the restaurant what makes the broth of this ramen so blue, be prepared to be disappointed as they are not willing to disclose their secret ingredient. Although the restaurant claims that they rely on a unique cooking style from China which makes the dish look so limpid, we can easily assume that they are using some natural ink/color such as squid ink that turns any food black or deep blue. Let’s do a bit of research on this unique “avatar ramen,” shall we?

    As you might already know, Japan has literally several hundreds of hot springs scattered all across because of the geothermal heat emitting from its terrain. Because of the warmness of these springs, not a lot of flora or fauna can be found near them except some algae.

    In those algae, phycocyanin can be obtained, which is a pigment that emits a blue color and can be used in food as a colorant just like squid ink. The good thing about phycocyanin is that it is beneficial for health in many ways due to its protein structure. Its source, the blue-green algae, is available in the form of spirulina tablets in many pharmaceutical stores.

    When used in a dish, phycocyanin enriches the flavor and makes any liquid a bit dense. Some blue-colored drinks are also made using this naturally extracted supplementary ingredient.

    If you want to try making blue ramen by yourself, you can search for phycocyanin or Lina Blue tablets which are actually easy to acquire in Japan. It is said that these tablets are also anti-aging.

    What do you think of this crazy ramen with a light blue broth and complimentary health benefits? Unique or not, this is definitely an amazing dish. Thanks to Ramen Kipposhi for coming up with such cooking recipes!

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