Satisfy Your Huge Appetite at These 3 Restaurants in Shinjuku Serving XL Meals

  • Almost everything can be found in Shinjuku and it is also a place for good eats. As a major business hub, many people come to the area on a daily basis. When it comes to restaurants, there are several places you can choose from but only a few of them serve extra large meals. If you have a huge appetite and want to keep your stomach happy, try these three restaurants in the area serving extra large meals!

    1. Go! Go! CURRY!

    Go! Go! CURRY! prioritizes giving happy and cheerful services to its customers. They serve special menus such as Pork Katsu Curry (630 yen), Chicken Katsu Curry (630 yen), Original Go! Go! Curry (530 yen), Sausage Curry (730 yen), and Shrimp Curry (730 yen). If you want to go for more, you can order Grand Slam (1,000 yen) or World Champion Curry (2,550 yen).

    The best thing about this restaurant is that you can choose to add your own toppings. A boiled egg costs 100 yen, while rakkyo (pickled shallot) costs 50 yen. Extra curry, cheese, pork katsu, chicken katsu, pork sausages, and shrimp cost 200 yen each.

    Go! Go! CURRY! is extremely popular in Japan so expect a long queue outside the shop.

    Go! Go! CURRY! Website
    Access (There are many branches, but we will introduce one of them here.)

    2. Monster Cafe

    Monster Cafe in Shinjuku is popular for its Tower Burger which is a tall layer of different kinds of burgers. Stacking the burgers is up to your own personal choice. Just imagine biting into different flavors layer by layer. It can be delicious yet quite challenging for one person to finish.

    You can also try their Monster BIG Burger which measures 25 centimeters in width and weighs more than three kilograms! The burger is massive so make sure that you are really hungry if you want to try it.

    Most food items in the cafe are a bit expensive but worth it. Their Tower Burger and Monster BIG Burger are said to save you a bit of money compared to buying ordinary burgers.

    Monster Cafe Website

    3. Moyan Curry

    Moyan Curry was originally established in 1997. It has several branches in Japan but its main branch is in Shinjuku. They have an impressive selection of curry-based meals available in different portion sizes. If you want to eat a lot of curry, you may choose large or extra large serving.

    It is said that most curries use flour and butter in order to thicken the sauce, but Moyan Curry only uses a minimal amount of flour. Instead, they use vegetables and fruits as well as olive oil for the thickening process. The sauce undergoes a long process of maturation which usually lasts about two weeks!

    Moyan Curry restaurants are friendly to both local and foreign customers for they also have English and Chinese menus. Everything in this place has been generously laid out for diners to enjoy.

    Moyan Curry Website
    Access (There are many branches, but we will introduce one of them here.)

    With the many dining options available in Shinjuku, it can be quite hard to tell which places provide extra large meals. Try visiting one of the mentioned places for a delicious culinary experience that is truly satisfying!

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