Have an Authentic Italian Dining Experience at This Restaurant in Japan

  • Italian food is one of the appreciated food by travelers around the world. In Japan, it shares the same fame. There may be many Italian restaurants in the country but only a few are serving authentic Italian cuisines. One of these is Panino Giusto, an Italian restaurant which originated in Milan in the year 1979. It has grown internationally popular over the years and has even put up two branches in Japan, one in Ikebukuro and another in Yokohama. Let’s try to see what makes this Italian restaurant stand out from the rest!

    History of Panino Giusto

    Panino Giusto has quite a historical background. It started in Milan, Italy where a new way of enjoying Italian sandwich by grilling and accompanying it with cured meat, vegetables, cheese, and so on was invented. This sandwich is called “panino” (plural: panini) in Italy.

    The company’s mission is to provide a product that expresses excellence and quality. Only the freshest and best ingredients are used in the restaurant on a daily basis. And since Panino Giusto never failed to provide quality food, it has grown and can now be found almost anywhere around the globe.

    Panino Giusto in Japan

    Panino Giusto has two shops in Japan – in Ikebukuro and in Yokohama. These shops serve the same menu that can be originally found in Italy.

    Starter menus include Mortadella E Giardiniera, an organic mortadella with sweet pickled garden vegetables in extra virgin olive oil, and Salmone Selvaggio Red King, a wild red king salmon smoked and served with fresh cheese.

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    Popular panini include Washington, which consists of Parma ham, fresh cheese, tomato, and black olive pâté. Another is Tartufo, a combination of Parma ham, fresh buffalo cheese, tomato, rocket, and alba truffle olive oil. Tartufo seems to be the most popular menu in the Ikebukuro branch. It costs 1,250 yen per order. If you prefer roast beef, you may go for K2 which has slow-cooked roast beef combined with tomato and mustard-flavored mayonnaise.

    Panino Giusto also serves salads such as Fantasia and Sorrento. Fantasia is a mixture of different leaves, cherry tomatoes, carrots, and grilled artichokes; while Sorrento is a mixture of leaves, cherry tomatoes, tuna, mozzarella knots, and organic hard boiled egg.

    Recommended desserts are Torta di Mele (homemade apple cake with ice cream) and New York Cheese Cake (homemade cheesecake with raspberries glaze and fresh strawberries coulis).

    These are just some of the food items you can try if you are planning to visit one of Panino Giusto’s store locations in Japan. Various items come in huge serving sizes to ensure customer satisfaction. Food can also be taken out if you are in a hurry or if you prefer to enjoy Italian dining at home.

    Panino Giusto Website

    There are many branches, but we will introduce one of them here.

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