’Purfect’ Accessories for All Cat Lovers Traveling to Japan!

  • There are many reasons why people love kittens. Be it their fluffy ears, cute voice, a sleepy face or a habit of rolling on the floor. Though taking care of cats is necessary, it is not easy. Feeding, bathing and giving them medicine takes a lot of time. If you don’t have time for that but are desperate to have a kitty, or just cat-themed everything, look below for some suggestions!

    Kitten Earphone Jack Accessories

    An earphone accessory for 3.5 mm earphone jack, made by Nekomura Otaku. The cute kitty with carved eyes, paws and a smile makes this accessory look like a high-quality figure. Your smartphone will be so much cuter when the kitty clings on it. There are three types available, white, orange and calico. Not only for smartphone, it is plug-able in any electronic device with 3.5 mm jack such as tablet or ipad. You can get the accessory for only about $5.09.

    Otaku Mode website

    Tsuchineko Madoromi Plush Pencil Cases

    Cute pencil case made by Amuse comes in five types, Mike with a small bird nested on its head, gray (Sabatora), brown (Kijitaro), white with orange patches (Chabuchi) and black with white patches (Kuroshiro). This cute napping cat will help you carry your stationery and keep it safe. You can get it for $11.99.

    Otaku Mode website

    Itazura Bank

    It’s a fact that cats and boxes have some special connection.
    Keeping that in mind, a manufacturer known as Shine made a unique and cute “piggy bank”. It is unique because when you place a coin on the plate, the cat will appear from inside of the box and swipe the coin into the box. There are three out of seven types available, black cat (Kuroneko) in a peach box, orange with white kitty (Chatora) in a grape box, and calico cat (Mikeneko) in a tangerine box. Itazura Bank is now sold for about $21,99 per item.

    Otaku Mode website