100 Things to Do in Fukuoka, the Gorgeous Southern Prefecture in Kyushu, in 2019

  • Fukuoka is a prefecture in Kyushu, Japan’s southernmost main island, which is well loved for its pleasant weather and stunning natural beauty, as well as its ancient temples, beautiful beaches, and the ruins of Fukuoka Castle. This charming area is a place to enjoy the sunshine and the unique Hakata ramen, which is famous in this region. If you are heading to Kyushu, there is no way you can miss Fukuoka! Here are 100 things to do in this great prefecture.

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    1. Explore Yanagawa

    Yanagawa is a city on the west coast of Kyushu, around an hour from Fukuoka city. Why not ride a boat and enjoy the lovely view of Yanagawa, famous for its waterways? You will also explore the city on foot with a friendly, English-speaking guide and visit the beautiful Japanese gardens. With this tour, you won’t miss anything on your first trip to this charming town.

    Booking details: Explore the Deep Fukuoka, City of Waterways!

    2. Visit the Historic Sights of Dazaifu

    Dazaifu is the old capital of Kyushu and well worth a visit for the Kyushu National Museum and the town’s historic treasures. On this tour, led by an English-speaking guide, you’ll see some temples and shrines and learn a bit about Kyushu’s history. Those interested in old Japan would love this day out.

    Booking details: Enjoy a walking tour in Dazaifu in Fukuoka

    3. Learn How to Make Takoyaki

    Takoyaki is a delicious street food dish made from flour and octopus. Have a try at making your own takoyaki with this 90-minute activity! If you don’t like octopus, you can choose different flavours such as cheese, sausage, and more. Try something different and learn how to make this unique dish during your stay in Fukuoka!

    Booking details: Learn How to Make Takoyaki in Fukuoka!

    4. Join a Tea Ceremony

    In the heart of Fukuoka in a small kimono store, you can experience a Japanese “chado” tea ceremony. You can even try making some matcha, or green tea, yourself to share with other guests! Enjoy drinking the tea with some traditional sweets and learn about one of Japan’s most well-preserved traditions.

    Booking details: Enjoy Tea Box Style of Tea Ceremony in Fukuoka!

    5. Eat Soba Noodles, Experience Local Culture, and Visit a Sake Brewery

    Yame town is one of Fukuoka’s most traditional cities. If you are travelling in groups of 3 to 8 people, try this tour where you can try Japanese soba noodles and tempura, have a tea ceremony, try paper crafts, and even visit the brewery to try local sake! For this fun day out of cultural activities and rice wine tasting, click the link below!

    Booking details: Experience traditional culture & and see Kitaya Sake Brewery

    6. Tour Amabuki Brewery and Visit Suitengu Shrine

    Amabuki Brewery in Fukuoka is known for its fine sake. Pay a visit with an English speaking guide to learn about the brewing process and taste some samples afterwards. After that, head to Suitengu Shrine, one of the most famous shrines in Fukuoka. To try delicious sake and get some cultural experience, try this tour.

    Booking details: Amabuki brewery tour, local craft sake experience in Fukuoka

    7. Take a Day Trip to Fukuoka from Osaka

    If you’re staying in Osaka and you’re interested in taking a day trip to Fukuoka, look no further! This tour includes bullet train tickets to Hakata and a private tour for either half a day or a full day. Visit some of Fukuoka’s famous sightseeing spots such as Fukuoka Castle Ruins and Ohori Park. Try some delicious and nationally famous Hakata ramen and enjoy an unforgettable trip to this lovely city.

    Booking details: Day trip to Fukuoka from Osaka with a guide by Shinkansen

    8. Wear Traditional Wedding Clothing and Eat a Delicious “Kaiseki” Lunch in Dazaifu

    Relive your special day the Japanese way by dressing up in traditional wedding clothing, the hakama, shiromaku, and kimono, and have your photographs taken in a beautiful Japanese garden. After that, you can try a Japanese “kaiseki” lunch in a famous restaurant. If you’re travelling to Dazaifu as a couple, definitely don’t miss this activity from your itinerary!

    Booking details: Wear traditional wedding costume & eat Kaiseki lunch, Dazaifu

    9. Taste Mentaiko, a Japanese Delicacy

    Foodies would love this activity, as it is your chance to try a famous delicacy called karashi-mentaiko. This seafood product is often served with rice, pasta, or sake, and is very popular and famous among Japanese people. Visit a restaurant to sample five different kinds of mentaiko with rice and miso soup. Learn how the Japanese eat it and choose your favourite flavour!

    Booking details: Taste Karashi-Mentaiko in Fukuoka, Kyushu!

    10. Try a Blind Tasting of Rice Wine and Sake

    Head to a studio in Fukuoka city if you’re interested in a blind sake tasting session! There are over 20,000 brands of sake in Japan and this is your chance to try a few of them. Learn a bit about the history of sake brewing and how it is made, and discover the type of flavour, sweetness, and dryness that you like. By the end, you’ll be a sake expert! Check out the link below for more information. Please note everyone in the group must be twenty years old or over to participate.

    Booking details: Enjoy a Blind Tasting of Rice Wine and Sake in Fukuoka!

    11. Learn How to Make Sushi

    You may already have heard of sushi, the famous Japanese dish made from rice, sometimes with seaweed and some kind of fish or vegetable filling. During your stay in Fukuoka, why not learn to make this delicious and healthy dish from an expert chef? No matter what your cooking level, you can enjoy a fun course of making different kinds of sushi and some soup. Give this fun activity a try and learn a bit about Japanese cooking.

    Booking details: Learn How to Make Sushi in Fukuoka!

    12. Paint Your Own Hakata Doll

    Hakata dolls, named after the famous area in Fukuoka, are small and delicate handicrafts that are nowadays popular as interior decorations or small souvenirs. Have fun painting your very own Hakata doll to take home. This activity can be joined as one person or as a group and only takes an hour, so be sure to add it to your list of things to do when you’re in Fukuoka city.

    Booking details: Enjoy Painting Hakata Dolls in Fukuoka

    13. Wear a Japanese Kimono

    You don’t have to be in Kyoto to wear this beautiful Japanese garment. Choose a kimono, the traditional Japanese dress, and an assistant will help you put it on. After that, you can have your picture taken in several places for some unforgettable memories. You can also explore the town in the kimono, which is a popular activity to add authenticity to your trip.

    Booking details: Enjoy easy Kimono experience in Fukuoka!

    14. Try Japanese Calligraphy

    At a studio in Fukuoka, you can try Japanese calligraphy by decorating your very own t-shirt! You can even take it home with you as a souvenir. Request any Japanese kanji characters that you want to write and create a cool, original design. Try this hour-long activity for some writing practice and a cool new shirt!

    Booking details: Experience Calligraphy by Writing on a T-Shirt in Fukuoka

    15. Visit the Owl Cafe

    You may have heard of cat cafes, but did you know there is a cute cafe hosting owls in Fukuoka? People who love animals and birds would not want to miss this adorable cafe! Click below to reserve your place and guarantee entry during your trip.

    Booking details: Reservation for Lovely Owl Cafe “Fukuro no Mise” in Fukuoka

    16. Take a Karate Lesson near Yanagawa

    Karate is one of Japan’s most famous martial arts. In Yanagawa, all level students are welcome to this exciting karate class! In 60 minutes, you’ll warm up and learn some basic fighting techniques. There is no need to bring a karate uniform; just an easy-to-remove t-shirt and pants is fine. Your host will pick you up and drop you off at the station for easy and quick access. For a fun-filled hour learning basic karate, check out this activity!

    Booking details: Discover Karate in a 60 minute lesson near Yanagawa, Fukuoka

    17. Discover the Traditional Japanese Drum

    You don’t have to be a musician to enjoy this activity in southern Fukuoka! Learn some basic drum skills from the instructor and play together with the students. After that, you’ll get to watch the students’ and the teacher’s drumming performance. Check out the link below for more information and enjoy a fun afternoon with Japanese drum enthusiasts.

    Booking details: Discover traditional Japanese drum with a mini show, Fukuoka

    18. Take a Shore Excursion from Fukuoka Port

    Why not jump in a car and experience the best of what the city has to offer on your own private wheels? You can be picked up from anywhere in the city and your guide will take you to Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine, Kyushu National Museum, Ohori Park, and more! Skip the stress of public transport and see this fantastic city by car.

    Booking details: Shore excursion from Fukuoka Port (w/ private car and guide)

    19. Get a Front-Row Seat to Fukuoka’s Hakata Dontaku Festival

    If you’re going to be in Fukuoka during Golden Week in April, you cannot miss the nationally famous Dontaku Festival, featuring flower cars, exciting parades, and night illuminations! When you book this tour, you can get a landscape view from a bullet train and front row seats to the festival so you can enjoy it up close! This once-in-a-lifetime chance cannot be missed. Book in advance for your Golden Week trip and miss none of the excitement of ths fun-filled day!

    Booking details: See Fukuoka’s Hakata Dontaku Festival from the front row!

    20. Discover the History of Fukuoka and Dazaifu

    A private guide can take you to explore the historical sights of Fukuoka city and Dazaifu all in one day! See the very first Zen temple in Japan and discover the famous wooden Buddha statue. Learn about Fukuoka’s rich history and wander in some beautiful gardens before heading to Canal City in the centre of Fukuoka. That isn’t all there is on this exciting day out, so check out the link below for further details!

    Booking details: Discover the history and culture of Fukuoka and Dazaifu

    21. Explore Fukuoka Prefecture in One Day

    What better chance to see the highlights of this terrific prefecture? Explore Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine and Kanmon Tunnel, have lunch at the Shimonoseki Grand Hotel, see Karato Market which sells fresh fruits and vegetables and ride the Kanmon Ferry to Moji-ko Port! This great day out will surely be unforgettable and it a must-try during your stay.

    Booking details: Explore Fukuoka Prefecture in One Day!

    22. Take a Japanese Language Course

    Your trip will be more interesting if you can understand some Japanese, so during your stay in Fukuoka, why not take some lessons? You will get real-life opportunities to learn the phrases and words that you will pick up in this fun course. Two types are available:

    • Half-day course. Perfect for those who want to learn a few words and phrases.
    • One week course. Great for those who are staying for a while in Japan and would like an intensive crash course to pick up some essential Japanese.

    Complete beginners are welcome. The lessons are completely informal and your host will take you to nice sightseeing spots and cafes for practice. Come and learn some Japanese, perhaps make some friends, and learn your new language in real-life situations!

    Booking details: One Week Special Japanese Lesson for Sightseeing in Fukuoka

    23. Visit the Fukuoka Castle Ruins

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    The stunning Fukuoka Castle Ruins can be found and explored within Maizuru Park. In its day, the castle was one of the largest in Japan and was an important landmark in Kyushu.

    Nowadays, what is left is a selection of ruins such as old gates, a moat, guard towers, and walls. The castle ruins are a ten-minute walk from Ohori Koen Subway Station, and are well worth a visit!


    24. Unwind at Momochi Seaside Park

    If you want to escape the bustling city of Fukuoka for a while, you should head to the calm and peaceful Momochi Seaside Park. It is an artificial beach complete with an island, many sports facilities, water activities including riding a jet ski, and plenty of shopping and restaurant options.

    It makes for a lovely afternoon by the seaside and is a 15-minute walk from Nishijin Station.


    25. Stroll Around Ohori Park

    First opened in 1929m the gorgeous Ohori Park features lovely gardens and a beautiful pond where you can rent boats or explore the small islands in the middle.

    Other features at the park include flowerbeds, bird migrations at certain times of the year, several children’s areas, a Japanese Garden, and even a theater! You are sure to find something to suit your interests here!


    26. Discover the Exquisite ACROS Fukuoka

    ACROS is an international and cultural center in Fukuoka. It has many exhibitions with arts and crafts, a conference hall, a music hall, and many events throughout the year. It is also a unique building trying to create a green space in the middle of the city. It’s well worth a visit!


    27. Capture City Views at Fukuoka Tower

    Fukuoka Tower is the tallest seaside tower in Japan and is a key landmark of Fukuoka. Opened in 1989, many people come here to enjoy sea and cityscape views from the three observation decks in the tower and admire the great architecture of the building. The tower has a cafe, a lounge deck, and see-through elevators!


    28. Explore Kyushu National Museum

    Spend an afternoon visiting this innovative and beautiful museum. Located in the Dazaifu area of Fukuoka Prefecture, you can learn about Japanese history and culture here, and admire the amazing architecture and design of the building!


    29. Visit the Small Island of Nokonoshima

    Nokonoshima is a small and gorgeous island accessible by ferry from Fukuoka city. Here you can take beautiful walks around the island, visit Nkonoshima Flower Park, visit some historical sights, and try some local cuisine. It truely is a beautiful place and well worth the trip for its fresh air and the feeling that you are getting away from city life for a while!


    30. Enjoy Karaoke in the Fun Tenjin Area

    The absolute best place to go to enjoy karaoke is the central Tenjin area in Fukuoka City. Tenjin is a bustling downtown area and is home to several huge karaoke venues such as Big Echo. You can easily spend a few hours or even all night singing your favorite songs with friends and really experiencing the exciting nightlife, Japanese style!


    31. Shop at Kawabata Shotengai

    Kawabata Shopping Arcade, or Shotengai, is a great place to get some retail therapy in Hakata. You could spend hours browsing the shops in this indoor shopping street, discovering local products and souvenirs as well as clothes, household items, kimonos, yukatas, and sweets. It is within walking distance of Hakata Station and great for the last few days of your trip.

    Kawabata Shotengai website

    32. Watch a Kabuki Show at Hakataza Theater

    This impressive theatre has a rotating stage, an orchestra area, and a runway, allowing many kinds of performances that people can enjoy. Most performances are based on Japanese history and culture, and you can see one of these great shows for just 1,500 yen, which is very affordable compared to most theatres. Hearing aids are available and parking is 300 yen an hour. Learn about Japanese classical stories with an entrancing show!

    Hakataza Theater website

    33. Join the Celebration at the Hakata Gion Yamakasa Festival

    博多祇園山笠 2017.07.15 福岡

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    If you are in Fukuoka in summer, don’t miss this exciting festival! You will see people racing through the streets with huge, decorated floats on their shoulders, with themes including popular anime characters and samurai. You can also see taiko drumming and races as well as the usual food stalls you see at Japanese festivals. If you arrive outside the festive period, you can still see the floats all year round at Kushida-jinja Shrine.

    Hakata Gion Yamakasa website *Automatic translation available

    34. Dance the Night Away at Nakasu

    Nakasu is a district that is is Fukuoka’s answer to Tokyo’s Shinjuku and Osaka’s Umeda. Nakasu overlooks the river in stunning night lights and offers visitors restaurants, bars, and clubs. There are also food stalls with ramen and other treats. Keep in mind this is not a place for children and Nakasu also has a red light district, so be careful. Despite this, Nakasu is a fun evening for those looking for some urban adventure and to let their hair down during their stay in Fukuoka.


    35. See a Sumo tournament

    The Kyushu Basho in Fukuoka is one of the six grand sumo tournaments of Japan, and takes place in mid-November as is the last of the year. If you are interested in sumo wrestling, it is highly recommended that you witness one of these breathtaking displays if you are in Fukuoka in November. You can see the Sumo Kyushu Basho at the Fukuoka Kokusai Center, which is a 15-minute walk from Gofukumachi Station. You can buy tickets on BuySumoTickets.com in English.

    Sumo website *Japanese only

    36. Shop Until You Drop at Canal City

    Japan’s department stores are clean, safe, exciting and full of shops and stores! Canal City in Hakata is a famously huge shopping mall with brand-name shops, restaurants, and speciality stores. It also boasts entertaining fountain shows. It is a great place to go if your plans are spoiled by bad weather or you are looking to spend a day fulfilling your shopping needs. Visit Canal City for a great shopping experience.

    Canal City website *Automatic translation available

    37. Check Out Robosquare

    Robosquare is a great place to visit for those crazy about gadgets, robots, and technology! It is free to enter and is located in the Fukuoka city science museum. Here you will find over a hundred different types of robot ranging from therapeutic cuddly robotic toys to rescue robots to robodogs.

    Explore the possibilities of AI, browse the different technological achievements of this age, and see what’s on offer at the Robosquare store as well. This is an entertaining establishment suitable for all ages that really gives you an insight into Japanese technology.


    38. Try Hakata Ramen

    Hakata ramen is one of the many famous foods from Fukuoka. Hakata ramen, in particular, is considered some of the best noodle broth dishes in the country. You’ll find ramen wherever you are in Japan, but Hakata, of course, is the best place for Hakata ramen. Recommended restaurants include Hakata Issou and Ippudo.

    39. Visit the Oldest Zen Temple in Japan


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    Completed in 1195, Shofukuji Temple is the oldest Zen temple in the whole of Japan. This impressive structure features a garden with a pond and attractive grounds which are pleasant to walk through and give off a samurai feel. It is an excellent place in which to take photographs and absorb the spirit of old Japan.

    Shokufu-ji Temple website

    40. See a Baseball Game

    If you love baseball, Fukuoka is the place to be! Cheer on the Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks at Fukuoka Dome and see how the Japanese enjoy a sports game! You can get tickets on Voyagin or via the Fukuoka Dome website.

    Fukuoka Dome website

    41. Join the Fun at the Mitama Festival


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    “Mitami” is a respectful way of referring to a departed person’s soul, and this festival in July honours one’s ancestors; it is an early celebration of Obon, the national August celebration of ancestors. Here you will see taiko drumming, performances near the shrine area, carnival-style games, and even a haunted house as well as food stalls. At night, thousands of yellow lanterns line the road and a mikoshi float is carried along the road. It is a truly marvelous thing to witness, and essential if you are in Fukuoa in July! The festival takes place at Yasukuni Shrine.

    Fukuoka gokoku jinja website *Japanese only

    42. Try Motsunabe

    Another great Fukuoka food is motsunabe, a nutritional winter hotpot dish containing pig or cow innards, broth, and lots of vegetables. It is a popular stew that many people try when they visit Fukuoka because it can’t often be found outside the prefecture. Give this hearty dish a try, if you dare! Restaurants where you can get great motsunabe include Oyama and Hakata Motsunabe.

    43. Take a Break in Kego Park

    よか日和 #天神 #警固公園 #ひなたぼっこ

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    Kego Park, or Kego Koen, is a modest and quiet park. In the warmer months, it is a great spot for a picnic or to relax after sightseeing and walking, and in winter you can see some gorgeous illumination lights.

    Kego Park website

    44. Visit Gokoku Shrine

    Close to Kego Park is Gokoku Shrine, which features the largest wooden torii gate in Japan at around thirteen meters in height. It features statues and impressive grounds among lush green trees and is ideal for a quick visit. Those who are new to Japan and veteran travellers alike can appreciate the old-era ambience of the place.

    Gokoku Shrine website *Japanese only

    45. Admire Artwork at the Fukuoka Asia Art Museum

    For lovers of museums, this Asia art museum is a must-visit. Here you can find paintings, sculptures, and other works from various parts of Asia, modern and contemporary. See what exhibitions are on during your visit and discover some truly stunning works from this part of the world.

    Fukuoka Asia Art Museum website

    46. Spend an Afternoon at the Aquarium

    Marino World Umi no Nakamichi, which roughly translates to “Sea town,” is located near Uminonakamichi Station and is a nice place to visit as a family or a couple to see seals, otters, dolphins, and other various forms of wildlife. There are various shows with the animals and various exhibitions all year round.

    Marino World Umi no Nakamichi website

    47. Go Shopping in Hakata Station

    Waiting for a train out of the Hakata but got a few hours to kill? Hakata Station is not only a place of travel, but the location of JR Hakata City, with lots of restaurants and stores in which you can spend time shopping and grabbing last-minute souvenirs. There is also a good selection of cafes and restaurants if you would like to sit and unwind with a coffee.

    JR Hakata City website *Automatic translation available

    48. See Kushida Shrine

    Home of the previously mentioned Hakata Gion Yamakasa Festival, Kushida Festival is a pretty shrine to visit all year round. Admire the traditional decorations and carefully kept gardens, the cherry blossoms in spring, and the climax of the festival in summer.

    Kushida Shrine website *Automatic translation available

    49. Feast on Noodles at the Ramen Stadium

    There are various festivals where you can try ramen from different parts of Japan, but at the Ramen Stadiu you can do this all year round! Here, you can try and select different types of this popular noodle dish, which varies across the country. Whether you’d like to sample ramen from Fukuoka, Hokkaido, or Kyoto, you will be able to find it here. All you need is a large appetite.

    Ramen Stadium website *Japanese only

    50. Take a Stroll in Nishi Park

    Nishi Park is a sprawling and pretty park in Fukuoka city with a lovely view of Hakata Bay. It’s a great place to be during cherry blossom season in spring and a wide-open space to take refuge from the crowds of the city. It’s also a great place to walk your dog or ride a bicycle.

    Nishi Park website

    51. Get Some Retail Therapy at Mitsukoshi

    Another great shopping spot in Fukuoka city is Mitsukoshi, where you can get jewellery and bridal wear at Tiffany & Co. and MI Bridal Club, respectively, grab a bite at one of the many available restaurants find some local delicacies such as mentaiko, and check out the latest trends.

    Mitsukoshi website *Automatic translation available

    52. Admire the Giant Buddha at Nanzo-in Temple

    Known for its impressive statue of Buddha lying down, Nanzo-in Temple in Sasaguri is a quiet and peaceful spot where you can explore steps and torii gates, wander the grounds, and take photographs of the pretty grounds. For lovers of Japanese culture and those who want sanctuary from the larger cities, this is a great spot to visit.

    Nanzo-in Temple website *Japanese only

    53. See the Old Ito Denemon House in Iizuka

    This gorgeous house is the well-preserved home of Den-emon, a famous merchant who was married to the cousin of the emperor at the time. This house and the two “kure” storehouses appeared in the Japanese TV show Hanako to Anne. Although there isn’t much English information available, you can admire the old construction and the beautiful garden that accompanies it.


    54. See a Pretty Night View of Chikugo River Lift Bridge

    Perfect for a warm evening in Okawa, a stroll near the Chikugo River Lift Bridge promises a great view of the lights reflecting off the water, a romantic view perfect for some great photographs! It is also entertaining to see the bridge lift up to let the boats pass. If you are in Okawa in the evening, be sure to take a walk around this spot.

    Chikugo River Lift Bridge website *Japanese only

    55. Find Out About Local History at the Hakata Machiya Folk Museum

    This is a great place to find out about the people of Fukuoka, their customs and traditions, and how life has changed over the decades. Learn about the way of life in Hakata in the exhibition hall, step into the past at the Machiya Hall, and browse unique souvenirs in the gift shop. This museum is just a fifteen-minute walk from JR Hakata Station.

    Hakata Machiya Folk Museum website

    56. Visit the Ishibashi Museum in Kurume

    The Ishibashi Museum, also called the Kurume City Art Museum, is the sister of Tokyo’s Bridgestone Museum of Art. This permanent exhibition showcases pieces of art from all over Japan, in particular, the works of Shigeru Aoki, Koga Harue, and Sakamoto Hanjiro, who are all from Kurume. Here you can see Japanese calligraphy and national treasures. It is a nice place to visit for those who are intereted in art, particularly that of Japan and east Asia.

    Ishibashi Museum website

    57. Explore Akizuki

    About 70 minutes away from Fukuoka city by train is the beautiful Akizuki, a lovely place to visit in cherry blossom season and also in autumn when the leaves are changing colours. The old style buildings give you an idea of what this area was like in the Edo era. It is a lovely area to visit for a stroll and some photography.


    58. Visit the Morning Market

    The Yanagibashi Rengo Market, also known as “Hakata’s Kitchen,” is similar to Tsukiji Market in Tokyo but less crowded and smaller. Browse catches of the day, try fish cakes and fruit, especially strawberries, are exquisite. Go early in the morning for the best experience; it is perfect for a thirty-minute stroll before breakfast!

    The Yanagibashi Rengo Market website

    59. Stroll the Grounds of Sumiyoshi Shrine

    福岡 住吉神社 古代力士像 #住吉神社#古代力士像#相撲#奉納土俵入り

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    There are several shrines called Sumiyoshi in Fukuoka Prefecture, and we recommend the large one in Hakata city. Pray here for safe travel by sea and explore the pretty grounds with red wooden architecture. The shrine is located in a wooden park and is a lovely place to spend a warm afternoon.

    Sumiyoshi Shrine website *Japanese only

    60. Spend a Day in Marinoa City

    This outlet mall is the largest of its kind in Kyushu. An outlet mall typically sells items at a lower price than high street stores or other malls. At Marinoa City you will also find a Ferris wheel and several cafes. It’s a nice place to visit with your friends to get some discount shopping done and take in the attractive port-town atmosphere.

    Marinoa City website

    61. Check Out Shika Island

    Shika Island, or Shikanoshima Island, is connected to the mainland by a sandbank and is a great place to go to explore the local nature and see some lovely scenery, including beaches. There are also some historic monuments on this pleasant little island such as Shikaumi Shrine. Be sure to try out the gourmet kinin (gold seal) curry, the local delicacy.


    62. Visit the Fukuoka Akarenga Cultural Center

    This museum can easily be found in a British style building, which was completed in 1909 and is an impressive sight by itself. It was a history museum until the 1990s, where it reopened as a culture centre. The interior of the building is also western-style and there is a cafe on the ground floor. This is perfect for a little western nostalgia and some nice photos, especially at night when it is lit up by spotlights.

    Fukuoka Akarenga Cultural Center website

    63. Grab Home Goods at Loft in Tenjin

    Loft is a large store and a fantastic place to get household goods. The store specialises in items that are attractive for younger people (20-30 years old) and you can find stationery, travel items, makeup and cosmetics, clothing, bedding, and a lot more at this exciting shop. It is a great place to get souvenirs or something unique for yourself.

    Tenjin Loft website *Japanese only

    64. Have a Cute Lunch at the Moomin Cafe

    Those from Europe will likely have heard of Moomin, the Swedish-Finnish popular cartoon character. Moomin is also loved in Japan, so if you are a fan of it be sure to eat at the Moomin Cafe in Hakata! Absorb the atmosphere of Moomin’s world and dine on unique food and drink here at this adorable eatery.

    Moomin Cafe website

    65. See the Sand Garden at Jo-Tenji Temple

    This Buddhist teple dates all the way back to the 13th century and you can see examples of Chinese architecture and influence. What makes this temple special is its charming sand garden, which is carefully upkept and makes for some great oriental-style photographs. The view is particularly enchanting at night when it is lit up.


    66. Go Shopping at Solaria Plaza

    Solaria Plaza is another great place to get some retail therapy and check out the latest Fukuoka trends. With two floors of restaurants and six floors of fashion, you’ll shop until you drop at this exciting and trendy department store.

    Solaria Plaza website *Automatic translation available

    67. Get Traditional Japanese Sweets at Suzukake Honten

    Japanese sweets are called “wagashi,” and this shop in Hakata specialises in carefully made weets that are pleasant to look at as well as to eat. It is a great place to get a cute dessert or some sweet souvenirs.

    Suzukake Honten website

    68. Visit an Unusual Cafe

    Art Space Baku showcases some stunning artworks in their gallery, and attached is a cosy, ship-themed cafe in which you can enjoy coffee, tea, or recommended spirits.


    69. See Fukuoka from an Open-Top Bus

    A great way to see Fukuoka city’s best spots is by open-top bus. Book a tour on their website and let the relaxing bus take you to the most recommended places in the city on the course of your choice, completely stress-free. Voice guide for English, Korean, and Traditional Chinese is available.

    Fukuoka Open-Top Bus website

    70. Take a Bath at a 24-Hour Hot Spring

    Fukuoka may be a warmer prefecture, but it is still a great place to relax the Japanese way by taking a dip in the hot spring. Manyo-no-yu in Hakata is open 24 hours a day and has water brought from Fukuoka’s best hot spring areas such as Yufuin in Ota and Takeo in Saga. Wash away the aches and pains of the day and relax in the therapeutic hot waters day or night!

    Manyo-no-yu website

    71. Explore the Tenjin Underground Shopping Mall

    明日(8/25)、西4番街にレディスブランド「ミッシュ マッシュ」がニューオープンいたします! ”美人度120%!恋するON/OFF服!"をコンセプトに女性の柔らかさを感じさせるフェミニンスタイルに、旬のエッセンスをプラスした、着るだけで気分も美人度もUPするスタイルを提案します。 *オープニングフェア* 15,000円(税込)以上お買上げの方に、オリジナルモバイルチャージャー(ポーチ付き)をプレゼントいたします。 ※なくなり次第終了となります。ご了承ください。 <ミッシュ マッシュ>天神地下街 西4番街 #ミッシュマッシュ #mischmasch #スカート #skirt #カットソー #バッグ  #bag #アクセサリー #accessory #ニューオープン #newopen #オープン #open #プレゼント #present #fashion #秋 #autumn #天神地下街  #tenjinchikagai

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    Locally called “Tenjin Chikagai,” ths large undersground mall is perfect for bad weather and eager shoppers. The largest underground shopping area in Kyushu has a stylish atmosphere and is conveniently connected to Tenjin and Tenjin-Minami Stations.

    Tenjin Underground Shopping Mall website *Automatic translation available

    72. Visit Suikyo Tenmangu Shrine

    This shrine is said to be the birthplace of Tenjin and is located in the centre of Fukuoka city. A stroll around these grounds reminiscent of old Japan is relaxing and refreshing after spending time in the busy city.


    73. Go Hiking on Mount Hiko

    Mt. Hiko is on the border of Oita and Fukuoka prefectures. This beautiful, 1200-metre above sea level mountain is famous for rock climbing and for being an important place for Shugendo, which means a path of spiritual training commonly practised in Buddhism. Here on Mt. Hiko you will see hundreds of blossoming cedar trees as well as shrines and torii gates. The 90-minute drive from Fukuoka city is part of the experience, with the toll-free route offering spectacular views of mountains and a lake.


    74. Visit the Kyushu Railway History Museum

    Trains are fascinating machines that have been transporting goods and people across miles for decades. Those interested in Kyushu trains in particular will want to visit the Kyushu Railway History Museum, where you can see old steam locomotives as well as more modern models and find out about local trains.

    Kyushu Railway History Museum website *Japanese only

    75. Pick up Some Enchanting Atromatherapy Items

    Kaori no Miya, which means “Palace of Incense,” is the place to be for some enchanting aromatherapy items such as creams, lotions, . You can also join a workshop to make your own at their studio.

    Kaori no Miya website *Japanese only

    76. Go Horse Riding

    With sprawling hills and fields, Fukuoka prefecture is great for horse riding. TripAdvisor rates the top ten best horseback riding tours in the area.

    77. Check Out the Tanga Market

    Another great spot in Kita-Kyushu is the Tanga Market, ideal for a quick browse. Here you can find fresh seafood and souvenirs. There is a small food festival on the 1st of each month where you can see featured foods and a lot of discounts.

    Tanga Market website *Japanese only

    78. See Kokura Castle and its Gardens

    Near Tanga Market is a large park, home to the pretty Kokura Castle and its gardens, which are pleasant to stroll through in spring. The area also hosts various events.

    Kokura Castle website *Automatic translation available

    79. Check Out a Local Pop Group

    HKT48 is a local pop girl group from Fukuoka, and you can see them live at Nishitetsu Hall. Their lively, all-female performances have charmed audiences nationwide. Catch their cute concerts during your stay in Tenjin!

    HKT48 website *Japanese only

    80. Learn All About the Mongolian Invasion on Fukuoka

    元寇資料館 #元寇資料館 #元寇 #福岡

    A post shared by Nori Kawamura (@nori.kawamura) on

    Over 800 years ago, Mongolian forces invaded Fukuoka. Here you can find weapons and armour from both the Mongolian and Japnaese armies of the time, as well as some interesting comparisons between the two. You can also see oil paitings of the invasion by Meiji period painter Yada Issho. The museum, locally called the Genko Historical Museum, is located in Higashi Park in Fukuoka city.


    81. Ride the Sarakura-yama Cable Car


    A post shared by Koji Seta (@kozse) on

    A marvellous way to see beautiful views of the city and nature combined is by cable car. You can get the car up the mountain and then hike down, or take a return trip to see the spectacular views. This is ideal for people visiting during the warmer months who want some light exercise and great photo opportunities.

    Sarakura-yama Cable Car website

    82. Soak in the Historic Atmosphere at Mojiko Retro

    This popular port street is dotted with traditional-style buildings and restaurants serving local Kita-Kyushu dishes such as baked curry. You might also catch the energetic sales pitches of banana vendors or the local ferries passing by. Definitely give this district a visit if you are i the Kita-Kyushu area.

    Mojiko Retro website *Japanese only

    83. Explore Hakozaki Shrine

    Another beautiful shrine in Fukuoka is Hakozaki-gu, a historical building with relics waiting to be explored. The grounds are very well kept and several yearly events take place here.

    Hakozaki Shrine website

    84. Take a Trip to the Itoshima Peninsula

    The Itoshima Peninsula is packed with fun things to do such as the Nogita Beach Resort, many hills and mountains, and pretty views to explore and photograph. If you are renting a car in Fukuoka, be sure to take a drive up to this beautiful area.


    85. Slurp Some Delicious Udon Noodles

    Hakata is known for its great selection of delicious food, and this noodle shop shouldn’t be missed if your stomach is rumbling between sightseeing spots. Karonouron sells delicious, thick udon noodles in hot broth as well as onigiri (rice balls) of various types. This is a great place to stop for lunch and try local flavours. Don’t forget to do a big, noisy slurp as is the Japanese way!

    Karonouron Tabelog page

    86. See the Wooden Buddha at Tochoji Temple

    If you aren’t tired of temples and shrines, Tochoji Temple in Hakata is worth a visit. Marvel at the charming wooden Buddha, take photos of the pretty pagoda, and admire the ancient carvings and exhibits on display here.

    Tochoji Temple website *Automatic translation available

    87. See a Concert

    Marine Messe Fukuoka is one of the best live venues in the city such as athletics, exhibitions, and shows. If you love live performances and concerts, be sure to go and see a Japanese band during your stay. Check their website for shows and tickets.

    Marine Messe Fukuoka website

    88. See Kanmon Kaikyo

    For a beautifully scenic drive in Kita Kyushu, travel to Kanmon Kaikyo, a gorgeous stretch of water where you will see the bridge that connects Kyushu with western Honshu, two of Japan’s main islands. This place is great for a relaxing walk and if you go in the evening, you can catch an amazing sunset.


    89. See the Wisterias Blossom at Kawachi Fuji-en

    If you are in Fukuoka in spring, don’t miss a visit to the breathtaking Kawachi Fuji-en, where you will be able to see hundreds of gorgeous wisteria trees blossoming in pinks and purples. There is also a wisteria tunnel that will make you feel like you’ve stepped into a flowery fantasy land. This event is greatly anticipated by locals and shouldn’t be missed.

    Kawachi Fuji-en website *Japanese only

    90. Go Shopping at JR Hakata City Amu Plaza Hakata

    This large mall will exhaust even the most energetic of shoppers! With ten storey of stores, restaurants, and cafes and beautiful illuminations during Christmastime, this plaza is fantastic for anyone looking to get some restaurant and ding done during their trip to Hakata.

    Amu Plaza Hakata website

    91. Visit the Beautiful Maizuru Park

    This large park is home to a stadium as well as the Fukuoka Castle ruins. During herry blossom season in early spring, locals love to visit this park to admire the hundreds of pretty cherry blossom trees. It’s a great place to go for a picnic or a light stroll.

    Maizuru Park website *Japanese only

    92. Visit a Cat Cafe

    Cat cafes are not only in Tokyo and other large cities. Cat cafe Yoshineko is near the ocean in Minato and is a lovely little establishment where you can enjoy a coffee while petting some cute felines. For cat lovers, this little cafe is the perfect respite!

    Cat cafe Yoshineko website *Japanese only

    93. See One of Fukuoka’s Most Loved Shrines

    Terumo Shrine is located in Nishi Park, near the aforementioned cat cafe. This Shinto shrine is dedicated to the first lord of the Chikuzen Kuroda Clan, Kuroda Nagamasa. It has been listed as one of the top 100 cherry blossom viewing spots in Japan, so if you are in Fukuoka in spring, take your camera to this holy place and snap some truly superb photographs.


    94. See Anpanman and Friends

    Anpanman is a popular children’s TV show and if you’re travelling with kids, a visit to see the Anpanman Children’s Museum in Fukuoka’s Hakata Riverain Mall won’t go amiss! See live performances from the characters and have a chance to meet them in person. This is perfect if your child (or you) is a big fan of Anpanman.


    95. Have a Sushi Class or Wear a Kimono at SUiTO Fukuoka

    For interactive culture classes, SUiTO Tourist Information Center is a great choice. Take a sushi making class, dress in a kimono, taste some authentic sake, or try making takoyaki, a popular street snack. These culture classes can bring you much closer to Japanese culture and teach your group about local traditions in a fun and interactive way.

    SUiTO Tourist Information Center website

    96. Go Trekking in Aburayama Shimin no Mori

    Located next to Aburayama Farm is this large wooded area, great in the autumn when the leaves change colour and good for people who enjoy trekking and light hiking. It is recommended to visit this pretty spot outside the city on weekdays to avoid the crowds, especially if you go in autumn, which is peak hiking season. The area als has a skiing area and a lookout.


    97. Go to Kashii Kaen Sylvnania Garden

    Flower Night Circus :) Amazing! #lightup #colerful #wherriswheel

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    This compact theme park is a fun way to spend an afternoon out in east Fukuoka. It has rides for all ages, including a Ferris wheel and a golf course. You can see various characters, including the Sylvanian families, and the place is lit up in the evening.

    Kashii Kaen Sylvnania Garden website

    98. Watch the Fireworks

    Summer is firework season in Japan, and in Ohori Park you can see spectacular firework displays at the beginning of August. Pay for seating or watch from a distance as the park and the city skyline is lit up with the lights of the Nishi-Nippon Ohori Fireworks Festival.

    Fukuoka Now Nishi-Nippon Ohori Fireworks Festival website

    99. See a Traditional Japanese House

    The Hakoshima Residence was built during the Edo period and is a classic example of tradiitonal Japanese architecture. Explore the inside of this residence and soak up its atmosphere while taking a look at the local artworks, or see the Japanese garden with beautifully kept flowers.

    Hakoshima Residence website

    100. Make Mentaiko at the Hakata Food and Culture Museum (“HakuHaku”)

    Reachable on foot from Hakata Station is the entertaining Hakata Food and Culture Museum, where you can see how a local delicacy, mentaiko, is made. If you make reservations, you can also have a go at making it yourself. You can also find exhibitions, other activities, and a souvenir shop here.

    Hakata Food and Culture Museum website *Japanese only

    Don’t forget to book the essential pocket wifi before you go to Japan to make sure you’re never out of internet. There is also an option to rent a car in Kyushu if you’d prefer to get around on private transport. If you’re flying into Fukuoka Airport, there is also a handy transfer service to ensure a stress-free trip to your hotel.

    Fukuoka is a lovely prefecture and well worth a visit to those exploring southern Japan. Whether you are there to learn about Japan’s history, want hands-on experiences with local traditions, or want to try delicious food, there is someone for everyone in this area. Have a great trip!

    Would you like to stay in Fukuoka? Check out all the hotels in the area here!