98 Things to Do in Hiroshima, Japan’s Western Prefecture of History and Culture, in 2019

  • Hiroshima Prefecture is in western Honshu, Japan’s main island. It is home to the beautiful Miyajima Island, one of the Nihon-Sankei, or three most scenic spots of Japan. The prefecture’s capital, also called Hiroshima, is a vibrant and modern city, home to the Peace Memorial Park and the Genbaku Dome, the only surviving building in the area of the 1945 atomic bombing.

    The prefecture holds many lovely activities and days out and is a favourite of those travelling to Japan. Here are 98 exciting things to do in Hiroshima.

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    1. Wear a Kimono, Join a Private Tea Ceremony, and Cook Hiroshima Food in One Day

    What better way to experience Hiroshima than by participating in some cultural activities and chowing down on local food? With this activity, you can wear a Japanese kimono, attend an elegant tea ceremony where you can try making your own green tea, and cook some okonomiyaki, a delicious Japanese pancake-like dish. The host of this activity is very flexible, so if you’d like to try some other activities such as origami, exploring the Itsukaichi area, or even shopping, it’s perfectly possible upon request!

    This activity is available for groups of up to three people to ensure a personal experience. Head over to Itsukaichi and experience some exciting cultural activities!

    Booking details: Private Tea Ceremony in Kimono & Cooking Class, Hiroshima

    2. Explore Local Hiroshima on a Bicycle Tour

    How about exploring Hiroshima by electric bicycle? Faster than walking but more refreshing than public transport, cycling is a great way to see the city. The staff will help you with the route and any language issues and show you many places that are not on most people’s itineraries. You’ll learn a little about the history of the area and there is an option to cook and eat some delicious okonomiyaki. Book now for a fun day of cycling around this lovely city.

    Booking details: Explore local Hiroshima on a bicycle tour!

    3. Visit Sake Breweries

    Fans of Japanese sake won’t want to miss the many sake breweries in Saijo, about 40 minutes by train from Hiroshima Station. Spend the day visiting the seven breweries to sample the different brands of sake and decide which flavours you like best. After that, you can learn what food and snacks go well with certain brands of this interesting rice wine. To learn about the brewing process, get free tasting samples, and find out more about Japanese drinking culture, click the link below for more details!

    Booking details: Join an interesting sake brewery tour near Hiroshima

    4. Explore Miyajima Island and Hiroshima City on a Full Day Tour

    Miyajima, one of the most well-loved scenic spots in Japan, is a beautiful island off the coast of Hiroshima and easily accessible from the city. Make the most of your trip by seeing both Hiroshima city and the charming Miyajima all in one day!

    Book this tour to be picked up from your hotel or the station to visit the great “floating” torii gate and the famous Itsukushima Shrine. After having lunch on the island, you’ll see the Peace Memorial Park and museum and the Atomic Bomb Dome. The host is quite flexible, so feel free to change and adjust the itinerary as you please.

    Booking details: Explore Miyajima & Hiroshima in a Full Day Tour

    5. Sail to Oyster Rafts and Eat a Seafood Barbeque

    In this fun activity, you can ride on a fishing boat to see the oyster rafts off the coast of Hiroshima and Miyajima before enjoying a delicious seafood barbeque for lunch! You’ll get to see the gorgeous “floating” shrine gate, a rare view from the water, and experience a day out Hiroshima-style!

    This tour is available between July and September and at least four people must participate. Have a delicious seafood meal and see some rare views from a fishing boat!

    Booking details: Sail to oyster rafts and eat seafood BBQ near Miyajima

    6. Make Your Own Bonsai Tree Art

    Bonsai art is a world-famous culture that you can experience in the heart of Hiroshima. A professional bonsai master will teach you a little about bonsai culture and you can even take a small piece of art to take home with you. He will even tell you how to take care of the bonsai to keep it in good shape for years to come! Experience this charming Japanese culture during your stay in Hiroshima.

    Booking details: Make your own Bonsai art in Hiroshima

    7. Have a Private Tea Ceremony in a Kimono

    Wear a Japanese traditional kimono and enjoy a tea ceremony! You will learn a bit about this tradition and try two types of tea with “wagashi”, a kind of Japanese confectionery. This activity takes place between the Peace Memorial Park and Miyajima, in an excellent location to go sightseeing afterwards.

    There is also a special morning tea ceremony conducted early on so you still have the rest of the day to explore the city.

    Booking details: Have a private tea ceremony in kimono, Hiroshima

    8. Take a Shimanami Cycling Tour from Onomichi

    If you’d like a day of cycling but are unsure about riding a bicycle in the city, try this tour that departs from Onomichi and ends in Imabari, Ehime Prefecture. It has one of the best cycling roads in Japan and is known for the fantastic Shimanami Highway.

    See Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines, take in the beautiful views of Innoshima Suigun Pirates Castle and Innoshima Flower Centre. The itinerary is pretty flexible and can be changed according to your time frame. Click the link below to find out more about this fun tour!

    Booking details: Enjoy a one-day Shimanami cycling tour from Onomichi

    9. Try Easy Japanese Cooking with Locals in Fukuyama

    Fukuyama is 30 minutes by train from Hiroshima Station and if you decide to visit, why not meet up with a local family and learn to cook Japanese food? Learn some easy and healthy dishes and take the recipes home to cook back in your home country! You can also learn a bit about Japanese eating culture and enjoy the delicious food you make with the family. Spend a pleasant afternoon with local people and learn about cooking in Hiroshima.

    Booking details: Try easy Japanese cooking with locals in Fukuyama

    10. Join the Miyajima Momijigari Autumn Walking Tour

    Autumn is a beautiful season in Japan; it is the time of red “momiji” leaves and is traditionally the season of harvests and delicious food. Miyajima, the beautiful island near Hiroshima city, is famous for its breathtaking momiji views. If you’re going to be in Hiroshima in autumn, consider taking this special tour to see the best foliage spots, including Itsukushima Shrine and places in Hiroshima city, too. Book this tour and get some excellent photographs.

    Booking details: Join the Miyajima momijigari Autumn Walking Tour (Hiroshima)

    11. See the Atomic Bomb Dome

    No visit to Hiroshima is complete without a visit to the atomic bomb dome, a symbol of the terrible event in 1945 when over 100,000 people were killed by the atomic bomb. The nearby Peace Park features several landmarks in memory of those who died and the dome still stands as a hope for peace. After you have visited the park, your host will take you to visit the best spots of Miyajima. Book this tour to see the highlights of these two areas.

    Booking details: See the A-bomb Dome in Hiroshima and Miyajima

    12. See the Rabbit Island and Try Sake

    On this tour, you can catch a boat to Okunojima Island, nicknamed Rabbit Island for its large population of rabbits! Walk around the island and feed some of the cute rabbits that live there. If you like hiking, you can also visit the observatory. In the afternoon, you’ll head to Saijo to visit the brewery and try some local sake. Join this tour to experience an unusual Japanese island and more!

    Booking details: See the Rabbit Island and taste sake near Hiroshima!

    13. Tour a Sake Brewery and Make Soba

    Soba is a delicious buckwheat noodle dish that can be served hot or cold. In this day out, you can tour a popular brewery and sample different types of sake, learn how soba is made and eat it for lunch, and have some Japanese green tea and sweets. Play the koto, a traditional Japanese stringed instrument, before heading back to Hiroshima city and choosing from a few options on what you would like to do next. Book this tour for a delightful day of culture, food, and sake!

    Booking details: Tour a sake brewery and make soba during Hiroshima Day Trip

    14. Discover Hidden Local Spots

    Although they are great spots to visit, there is more to Hiroshima than the Memorial Peace Park and Miyajima Island! Join this tour to discover little-known spots such as the Kumano Brush Craft Centre which is famous for its high-quality brushes and paint, a hot spring spa with views of the Seto Inland Sea, and places to get the freshest seafood from local fishermen. Book this marvellous day out and discover another side of Hiroshima.

    Booking details: Discover hidden local spots during a Hiroshima Day Trip

    15. Have the Ultimate Brewery Tour

    Sake fans would love this brewery tour near Saijo Station! Visit seven breweries and sample the unique rice wine of each one. You can also learn a little about the area of Saijo, a charming town of historic streets and houses famous for its sake-related food and sweets. Book this activity for the ultimate sake tour!

    Booking details: Take a Japanese Sake brewery guided tour at Saijo, Hiroshima

    16. Go Shopping in Hiroshima’s Downtown Area

    Hiroshima is a great city because it not only has natural and historic sites, but plenty of shops so you can get retail therapy as well! The downtown area of Hiroshima has high-street shops and a charming street selling clothes, souvenirs, and local goodies.

    17. Eat Momiji Manju

    You can’t visit a new place without checking out some of the local food! Momiji manju is a type of cake that’s shaped like “momiji” leaves, something the area is famous for. These sweet treats come in a variety of flavors such as red bean, vanilla, chocolate, and matcha green tea, and make perfect souvenirs as well. You can even get freshly-baked ones on Miyajima Island.

    18. Go Deer Spotting

    Nara in Kansai is possibly the most famous place for deer in Japan, but Miyajima Island has its own share of wild deer that are fun to spot! They’re fairly tame, but the rules are not to feed them. Looking and taking photographs is fine, though. It’s fun to see them relaxing among the hotels and trees! Just take care that they don’t go sniffing around your belongings.


    19. Go Up Mt. Misen

    Mount Misen is considered a sacred mountain on the island of Miyajima. It is 535 meters above sea level and with the ropeway and following hike, it takes a couple of hours to get to the top. It isn’t too challenging, but it’s recommended you wear appropriate footwear.

    You can see some excellent views from the ropeway of the sea and surrounding nature. It’s a lovely place to escape the city and get a little exercise along the way.

    Mt. Misen website

    20. See Itsukushima Shrine

    Although some tours include Itsukushima Shrine, it’s also worth going by yourself during your trip to Miyajima. This gorgeous shrine has a good view of the “floating” torii gate and when the tide is in, it seems like the shrine, too, is floating on water. With the well-kept traditional architecture, you’ll feel like you’re starring in a samurai movie.

    Itsukushima Shrine website

    21. Stroll around the Peace Memorial Park

    Hiroshima is famous, of course, for the atomic bomb attack by the United States in August 1945. The Peace Memorial Park, close to the ruins of the atomic bomb dome, is dedicated to peace and the abstinence of using atomic bombs and other nuclear weapons.

    If you are in Hiroshima on a clear day, be sure to stroll the Peace Memorial Park and see various landmarks such as the peace flame, the children’s memorial area, and the large bell that you can ring to wish for world peace.

    Peace Memorial Park website

    22. Visit the Memorial Peace Museum

    For those interested in finding out more about the atomic bomb attack in which it was carried out should also check out the museum, which is in the park. It is sure to have an emotional impact even on the younger generation with no experience in war, as victims’ belongings and explanations of the attack and its results are featured here.

    Hiroshima Memorial Peace Museum website

    23. Eat Hiroshima-yaki

    Okonomiyaki is a savory pancake with a variety of ingredients and very popular in Japan and among visitors. Most people associate this delicious dish with Osaka, but Hiroshima has its own version! In Hiroshima-yaki, you’ll find that the ingredients are layered and the dish itself is often served with noodles inside.

    Be sure to try it while you are in Hiroshima or Miyajima. Just be sure to avoid calling it “Hiroshima-yaki” as the locals consider their version the “real” version! Just call it okonomiyaki and ask for it to be served Hiroshima style.

    24. See Shukkei-en Garden

    Hiroshima wouldn’t be a Japanese city without a beautiful garden! Shukkei-en was constructed in a Japanese style, with koi carp, small bridges, and even an art museum. There is also a ginko tree in the garden that survived the atomic bomb. This serene garden is the perfect escape from the city center and a great place to relax on a pleasant day or warm evening.

    Shukkei-en Garden website

    25. Visit the Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art

    This museum was established in 1989 and showcases contemporary art, exclusively. It also has an open-air exhibition area. Entry for adults is only 370 yen and elementary, junior high, and non-Japanese students can get in for free.

    Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art website

    26. Go to Daisho-in Temple

    At the foot of Mt. Misen on Miyajima Island is a lesser-known temple, one of the main temple in the Shingon Buddhist school of Omuro. Walk among the hundreds of charming stone statues up to the steps of the temple. Those who enjoy discovering places off the beaten path should definitely visit Daisho-in perhaps before climbing Mt. Misen.

    Daisho-in Temple website *Japanese only

    27. Visit Hiroshima Castle

    Many of Japan’s cities have beautiful castles and Hiroshima is no exception. Hiroshima Castle was reconstructed after the atomic bomb attack and visitors can enjoy the lovely architecture. This replica now serves as a museum of Hiroshima’s history before World War II.

    The original castle was controlled by several clans over the years and it has an interesting history. Be sure to visit during your stay in the city.

    Hiroshima Castle website *Japanese only

    28. Relax at Momiji-Dani-Koen Park

    Located on the scenic island of Miyajima, this park features 200 beautiful Maple trees which is particularly beautiful in autumn. You can spend some time here strolling over the bridges and on the pathways, or sitting on a bench and relaxing.


    29. Have Fun on the Miyajima Ropeway

    Enjoy some breathtaking views by taking a gondola on the Miyajima Ropeway. This ropeway takes passengers over Miyajima sights such as Mount Misen and some imrpessive forests. It really is the only way to travel when you come to Miyajima!


    30. Discover the Mazda Museum

    If you are into Japanese cars, check out the impressive collection on display at the Hiroshima Mazda Museum. The exhibitions here focus on the history of the Mazda company and has a great collection of old vehicles. It also offers a tour of a typical production line and has regular special exhibits of vintage and new cars.


    31. Visit the Hiroshima National Peace Memorial Hall for the Atomic Bomb Victims

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    This hall of remembrance is specifically aimed at being a memorial to all of the victims of the United States’ tragic bomb attack on the city which ended the Second World War in 1945. It is a solemn place which displays the names and photographs of victims, as well as helpful information about the attack and the consequences of it on the city.


    32. Check out Hiroshima City Asa Zoo

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    This great zoo is home to an array of animals including exotic reptiles, lions, elephants, penguins, and birds. It is very popular among locals in Hiroshima due to its great surroundings and reasonable price. This is a family-friendly place and a nice way to spend the day!


    33. Visit Hiroshima Children’s Museum

    This interactive museum is great if you have children. It is focused towards learning and features fun exhibits, a climbing frame, tunnels, movies, science exhibits, and hands-on installations where you can learn about electricity, magnets, and mirrors. Your children will not want to leave this place!


    34. Stroll Beside the Motoyasugawa River

    This relaxing river tuns through the center of the city and is a great place for a walk or a river cruise. It allows amazing views of the Peace Memorial Park area, and has a nice walkway with restaurants, cafe’s, and izakaya’s scattered along it to sample and have a break.


    35. Go to the Gates of Peace

    Just nearby the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum sits the Gates of Peace, which are inscribed with ‘Peace’ in multiple languages. Built to remind people of the tragedy of nucleur war, these gates give a warning to today’s generation about the lessons to be learned from history.

    Website *Japanese only

    36. Visit the Hiroshima Transport Museum

    Located close to Chorakuji Station, this fun museum features a range of exhibits including model cars, planes, ships, and trains. You can also enjoy simulation games and explore their exhibition on theories about the future of transport. This museum is informative and fun for all the family.

    Website *Japanese only

    37. Try Okonomiyaki at Hassei

    Hassei is a famous Okonomiyaki Restaurant in Hiroshima which attracts both locals and visitors to the city. This institution is famed for its great quality, huge servings, and friendly atmosphere! It also has an English menu and helpful staff. This is the perfect place to try Hiroshima’s famous Okonomiyaki!

    Website *Japanese only

    38. See the Winter Illuminations at Hiroshima Dreamination

    If you happen to be in Hiroshima during the seasonal period, you should definitely see the spectacular illuminations at Dreamination. Held from November to Janaury each winter (in 2017 it will be from November 17th 2017 until Janaury 3rd 2018), you can walk the streets nearby Peace Boulevard (Heiwa-Dori) and enjoy the wonderful illuminations.


    39. Enjoy Pizza and Pool at Kemby’s

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    Kemby’s is a fun international food bar serves American-style eats such as deep-dish pizzas and burgers, and has live music and pool tables! It is also run by friendly and bilingual staff, and enjoys a nice crowd and a welcoming atmosphere in which to drink, eat, and be merry!

    Kemby’s Facebook Page

    40. Party like the Irish at Molly Malone’s

    Good day for a drop. #hiroshima #mollymalones #irishman #glendaloughwhiskey

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    Molly Malone’s is a very fun and lively Irish pub which has offerings such as Guinness (of course), fish and chips, cider, and other Irish and British specialties. You are sure to meet new friends here and have a guaranteed fun night!

    Website *Japanese only

    41. Visit the scenic Eta-jima Island

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    Eta-jima island is located along Hiroshima Bay and is famed for its orange trees and oysters! It also has a few decent beaches which are lovely in the summer, and some ideal roads for cycling! You can get to Eta-jima from Hiroshima Port which runs ferries (which take about 30 minutes). Once on the island, you can rent bicycles, take a stroll, or sample some fresh oysters!


    42. Have Fun at Marina Hop Amusement Park

    This fun Miami-themed amusement complex is located on the coast of Hiroshima (around 15 minutes from downtown), and is great for children and adults alike. Here you can enjoy riding on a large ferris wheel with impressive sea views, play some arcade games, and go shopping for souvenirs and other items!

    Website *Japanese only

    43. Go to Hiroshima Sake Festival in October

    Situated in the Saijo area of Hiroshima, the yearly Sake Festival (Sake Matsuri) is held every October and is a paradise for sake lovers! You can sample many different types of sake, enjoy the friendly international crowd, nd try the many different foods on offer from stalls scattered round. The whole local area comes alive during this festival, and you shouldn’t miss it if you are around Hiroshima in October!


    44. Enjoy Go-Karting in Oshiba Park

    Oshiba Park has many different sights and things to do, including children’s play areas, benches for picnics, and an exciting go-kart track! The course is around 1 kilometer long and are very cheap (100 yen per lap, or 200 yen for a two-seater kart). This is incredible fun and suitable for the whole family!


    45. Try Hiroshima Oysters at Izumichi

    Hiroshima is famed for its amazing oysters and other seafood, given its proximity to the sea. At Izumichi you can try fresh oysters, sashimi, eel, and tempura. Although it is a small place, it is very intimate and is run by a chef eagar to share information about the dishes with you if you speak a little Japanese! You won’t be disappointed with this place.


    46. Sunbath at Bayside Beach Saka

    This beach may not replicate the tropical beaches in Okinawa, but for a city beach it is still pretty good and very well-maintained. Reachable from Mizishiri Station, you can enjoy a vast sandy beach, swimming in the sea (in the summer months), and watch the fisherman nearby. It is a very relaxing place, and quite popular in the hotter months.

    Website *Japanese only

    47. Party at the Legendary Club Quattro

    This institution is a great live-music club which features both local, national, and international acts. This includes up and coming indie bands and overseas performers. It also has a bar which looks out over the city. A great place to see the latest groups and have fun!


    48. See the Children’s Peace Monument

    El Monumento de los Niños por La Paz se construyó en 1958 en honor a Sadako Sasaki, una nena que a los 2 años estuvo expuesta a la radiación de la bomba y 10 años más tarde contrajo leucemia repentinamente. Sadako hacía grullas de papel mientras esperaba su recuperación. Murió a los pocos meses del diagnóstico. Sus compañeros quisieron rendirle homenaje y escuelas de todo Japón juntaron el dinero para construir el hito que conmemora a los chicos víctimas de la guerra. La estructura tiene una campana en el centro y dos nenes en la parte de arriba, uno de ellos sostiene una grulla de papel. Y en los costados dice: “Este es nuestro grito, es nuestra plegaria: que haya Paz en el mundo” #Hiroshima #Abomb #Nonukes #Grullas #Sadako

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    In the memorial park, you will find the children’s monument, a beautiful memorial for the child victims of the atomic bomb. You can also find a story of a little girl from Hiroshima. It is difficult to visit this place without shedding a tear.

    Children’s Peace Monument website

    49. Ring the Peace Bell

    A closer look at the peace bell shows a map of the world engraved onto it. It is surrounded by a little pool filled with lily pads and frogs. Ring the bell to wish for world peace.


    50. See the Peace Flame

    Another attraction of the Peace Memorial Park is the flame that has been burning since 1964. It is said that it will burn forever until all nuclear bombs on the planet have been destroyed and the world is free of threat from similar bombs that devestated Hiroshima and Nagasaki all those years ago.


    51. Visit the Tranquil Mitaki-dera Temple

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    三瀧寺の紅葉 * 参道の向こうに見えるのは鐘楼 * 落葉しているもみじ🍁も綺麗 🍁❤️🌿💛🌟🍁🌿💛❤️🌟🌿🍁💛🌟🌿✴️🍁💛🌿❤️🌟✴️ 】 歩を進め鐘を打つとゴーン🎵🎶と境内に響き渡りました🤗🤗 * * #三瀧寺 #広島市 #hiroshima #japan_photogallery #leaves_nippon #loves_nippon #japan_night_view #ig_gallery #IG_gallery #icu_japan #team_jp #瀬戸内_秋探し #team_ip_西 #ptk_japan #wp_japan #wu_japan #setouchi_gram #写真を撮っている人と繋がりたい #ファインダー越しの私の世界 #カメラの好きな人と繋がりたい #instagram #instagood #instagram_japan #art_of_japan #photo_to_keep #my_best_photo #fav_flowers_ #広がり同盟

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    A little out of the way but nevertheless worth a visit is the gorgeous Mitaki-dera temple, a Buddhist temple with lovely foliage in autumn and memorials for the atomic bomb victims. It makes for great photographs, a very pleasant and scenic walk, and some respite from the city.

    Mitaki-dera Temple website *Japanese only

    52. Absorb the Serene Beauty of Komagataki Waterfall

    Statues and nature meet at this scenic spot. It is a great place to go for a light hike and marvel at the beautiful waterfall. This is located close to Mitaki-dera Temple.


    53. See a Baseball Game

    If you are crazy about baseball, why not catch a Carp game at the Mazda Zoom-Zoom Stadium? Cheer on the local team and watch baseball with the locals! Tickets can be bought at the English website below.

    Ticket guide website

    54. Visit Hiroshima’s Ground Zero

    “HISTORY” AIR MAX のヒストリーと 太平洋戦争のヒストリー。 AIR MAXが佇んでいる場所は、日本に関する太平洋戦争の戦跡である。 原子爆弾爆心地 (広島) Atomic Bomb Hypocenter (Hiroshima) 1945年8月6日午前8時15分、米軍機B-29 「エノラ・ゲイ号」によって人類史上最初に 使用された原子爆弾は、この場所の上空約580 メートルで炸裂した。約3000度〜4000度の 熱線と爆風や放射線を受け、ほとんどの人々 が瞬時にその生命を奪われた。 AIR MAX 360 2006 ミッドソールにポリウレタンなどのフォーム 素材を使用せずにナイキエアのみでミッドソ ールが構成され、本当の意味での360度フル ビジブルエア化を達成。アッパーのデザイン ソースとして、AIR MAX 1をベースに歴代AIR MAXのディティールが取り入れられている。 #8月15日 #終戦記念日 #戦後72年 #戦争を知る #平和を考える #日本を考える #世界を考える #原子爆弾爆心地 (広島) #nike #air_max #air_max_360 #history

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    Not far from the atomic bomb dome is the landmark that represents the point where the bomb hit. It is sombering and quite incredible to stand at the place which changed Japan forever.


    55. Eat Local Food at Okonomi-mura

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    One great place to get local okonomiyaki is Okonomi-mura; “mura” means “village.” This popular group of restaurants is the place to see the city’s famous dish get made right in front of you while you sip on a beer. The English website below introduces each restaurants and what kind of food and atmosphere you can experience there.

    Okonomi-mura website

    56. Celebrate New Year at Hiroshima Gokoku Shrine

    This shrine was rebuilt in 1965 and is one of the most popular places in Hiroshima in which to celebrate New Year, though of course, you may visit any season. This beautiful Shinto shrine is a favourite of the locals for its pretty architecture and welcoming atmosphere. A small moat surrounds this area.

    Hiroshima Gokoku Shrine website

    57. Stroll Peace Boulevard

    “Heiwa-dori,” as it is locally called, means “Peace Boulevard,” and there is no better place in Hiroshima for a quiet stroll. It is perfect just before or after a visit to the Memorial Park.


    58. Explore Kamiyacho

    Hiroshima’s lively neighbourhood of Kamiyacho is worth a visit for those looking for dining and drinking. It is spacious and modern in the daytime and alive with activity in the evening. It is a great way to finish your day in Hiroshima city.


    59. Visit the Hiroshima Prefectural Art Museum

    This is the place to see stunning works of art from local artists. The museum also includes a library, a museum shop, a restaurant, a tea room, and various exhibitions that change throughout the year.


    60. See the Memorial Steeple

    Near the peace bell is a small and simple yet significant historical spot. This steeple is the location in which many remains of the bomb victims were laid to rest. You may see people praying here and the area has a solemn atmosphere.


    61. Admire the View From the Aioi Bridge

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    You can see a great view of the city skyline, the atomic bomb dome, and the peace memorial park from Aioi Bridge. It is part of a pleasant walk you can take here on a warm day.


    62. See the Cherry Blossoms in Hijiyama Park

    Hijiyama Park is a large stretch of green space which is a great place to go for a picnic, a walk, or for cycling. In early spring, the cherry blossoms bloom, making it a fantastic place to do “hanami,” or cherry blossom viewing.


    63. Go Shopping in Asse

    Hiroshima is a fantastic city for shopping. In front of the train station is Asse, one of the best malls in the city. With restaurants, cafes, and countless shops, it is guaranteed to keep you busy on a cold or rainy day.

    Asse website

    64. Spend an Afternoon at Toshogu Shrine

    This is an intricately decorated shrine with everything you could want in a 17th-century Japanese historical site: pagodas, gates, a tomb, and even an art museum. It’s a wonderful place to spend a few hours with culture and history.

    Toshogu Shrine website *Japanese only

    65. Stroll Along the Streets of Takehara

    This lovely city in Hiroshima Prefecture is known for its Edo-style architecture. Strolling down the streets of this town will make you feel like you are in a samurai movie. Takehara is an hour away from Hiroshima city by bullet train or an hour and forty-five minutes by local train.


    66. Visit the Maritime Museum in Kure

    For those interested in ships, head to Kure to visit the Maritime Museum, a naval-themed establihsment depicting a huge model of the battleship Yamato, as well as torpedoes.

    Yamato Museum website *Japanese only

    67. Try a Fresh Local Snack

    Also in Kure city is a hole-in-the-wall food shop called Fukusumi Furaikeki, where you can get delicious deep-fried sweet treats at less than 100 yen apiece. These snacks are red bean filled pastry bites an are perfect as a snack while you are exploring the town.

    Fukusumi Furaikeki Tabelog page

    68. Visit Fukuyama Castle

    “City of Roses” is a popular nickname for the town of Fukuyama, well-known for its fishing port. Fukuyama Castle is a beautiful Japanese castle with a museum showcasing art exhibitions, and is a must-go if you visit the town.

    Fukuyama Castle website *Japanese only

    69. Wander Along the Port

    One of the most famous parts of Fukuyama city is the fishing port, locally called Tomo no Ura. In contrast to the large cities, Tomo no Ura has maintained its nostalgic Old Japan feel and is a peaceful respite from more crowded sightseeing spots.


    70. Visit the Spa

    This tranquil day spa, Ujina-Tennen-Onsen Ho Hot Spring, is perfect to visit in the daytime for heated natural spring water. There is also a traditional restaurant on-site for a full “onsen” hot spring experience.

    Ujina-Tennen-Onsen Ho Hot Spring website *Japanese only

    71. Try Fresh Oysters at Yakigaki-no-Hayashi

    On Miyajima Island is a restaurant where you can try nama-gaki (raw oysters) or kaki-furai (deep-fried oysters) that are fresh and authentic! There is no better place on the islad for oysters and udon noodles.

    Yakigaki-no-Hayashi website

    72. Admire the View from Cafe Lente

    Miyajima Island involves a ot of walking, so why not take a rest at Cafe Lente and see the spectacular view of the torii gate and the sea? You can get delicious lunches here as well as coffee or wine. The owner also speaks English!

    Cafe Lente Tabelog page

    73. Take a Trip to Sensui-jima Island

    A lesser-known yet great little island in Hiroshima prefecture is Sensui-jima, perfect for some hiking or even an overnight stay in one of the two hotels. You can also take relaxing baths here.


    74. Visit the Ikuo Hirayama Museum of Art

    Ikuo Hirayama was born in Setoda and this museum is dedicated to his artworks, which were inspired by his journeys in India and along the Silk Road. If you are in Ikuchi-jima, be sure to stop by.

    Ikuo Hirayama Museum of Art website

    75. Have a Drink at Koba

    Koba is a popular izakaya pub restaurant, perfect if you are looking for some late-night food, sake, and other drinks. This cosy and friendly bar is a great way to unwind after a day of exploring.

    Koba Tabelog page

    76. Grab Anime-Themed Goods

    Animate is a fantastic place to go if you like anything anime or manga-related! At this branch near the Memorial Park, you can get comic books, costumes and accessories that make great gifts and souvenirs. Will you find your favourite character?

    Animate Hiroshima website *Japanese only

    77. Go to the Manga Library

    Another great find for fans of anime and the like is the Hiroshima City Manga Library which contains, as you might expect, a plethora of Japanese manga comics! Visitors are welcome to browse the collections, which includes rare and vintage works as well as modern ones. Grab an English language panphlet and go to the second floor.

    Hiroshima City Manga Library website *Japanese only

    78. Take the Onomichi Temple Walk

    If you are the type who loves walking, the Onomichi Temple Walk is for you. The two-kilometre trail involves stops at twenty-five temples, the Literature Museum, Onomichi City Art Museum, and Senkoji Park. If you’d prefer, you can also get a ropeway to Senkoji Park. This walk is perfect for photographers and for those visiting in spring to see the cherry blossoms.


    79. See Saikokuji Temple

    If you only have time for one temple in Onomichi, make it this one! Saikokuji Temple is just gorgeous, with authentic grounds, a pagoda, and some breathtaking views during cherry blossom season.


    80. Spend an Afternoon on Mukaishima

    Although now demolished, you can still see the monument plate of the Mukaishima prisoner of war camp that was in operation during the Second World War on this island. British and American soldiers were brought here and then liberated when the war was over. You can take a short ferry ride to Mukaishima and see this historical place with a sad history.

    This island also has a huge amount of temples and shrines as well as modern amenties such as restaurants and supermarkets. It is a pleasant place in which to spend an afternoon.


    81. Check Out the Fumiko Hayashi Memorial Hall

    Fumiko Hayashi was a novelist and poet, best known for her works about free-spirited and undaunting women. She is especially renowned for her novel Horoki (Diary of a Vagabond), Downtown, and Ukigumo (Floating Cloud.) In Onomichi, you can see the free-to-enter memorial hall depicting her works. She actually lived in that house for a while, so it is a must-visit for her fans.


    82. Hike Mt. Takami

    If you are spending a few days in Onomichi, Mt. Takami is anothergreat choice for those looking for exercise and scenic views. The observation deck offers sweeping views of the sea and the Shikoku Mountains.


    83. Wander Down Neko no Hosomichi (Narrow Cat Street)

    A paradise for cat lovers, these streets are another way to appreciate the town of Onomichi. Neko no Hosomichi is packed with traditional buildings with cat-related treasures everywhere such as shops, cafes, and even a bric-a-brac store. If you have a cat, you can take some great feline treats home for it, or you can just explore the charming eccentricity of this unique place.


    84. Check Out the Beautiful Setoda

    While in the Onomichi area, don’t miss out on seeing the gorgeous Setoda. Rent a bicycle and ride over the numerous bridges connecting the islands, explore the historic temples and shrines, and witness all of what this lovely district has to offer.


    85. Visit Sandankyo Gorge

    Located in the Yamagata District is the lovely Sandankyo Gorge, where you will find waterfalls, hot springs, fhiking, and stunning scenery. It is a great choice for those looking to get off the beaten path. If you are in Hiroshima city, you can get a bus straight there for 1400 yen.


    86. See the Honkawa Elementary School Peace Museum

    A post shared by Toshiya Taguchi (@tagu.toshi) on

    Honkawa Elementary School was located within 410 metres of the burst point of the atomic bomb. Although most of the area has been rebult, you can still see some parts of the school. It is jarring to see the remnants of the building where so many people died. Bear in mind you can only visit during weekends and national holidays, because the school itself is still in operation.


    87. Have Some Pizza

    It’s true that Hiroshima is famous for its okonomiyaki, but if you are craving pizza, the place you want to be is Pizza Riva. This newly renovated Italian restaurant not only offers pizza, but also a delicious variety of salads, side dishes, and desserts. It is considered one of the best pizza places in the city.

    Pizza Riva Tabelog

    88. Go Shopping in Fukuya

    Right in front of Hatchobori Station is Fukuya, a large department store. Here you’ll find cosmetics, clothes, accessories, household goods, kimono wares, jewellery, children and maternity, and even an art gallery. It is guaranteed to keep shoppers happy for several hours!

    Fukuya website *Automatic translation available

    89. Enjoy Some Wine at WINE BAR Totide

    For wine lovers, this bar in Hiroshima city is not to be missed. WINE BAR Totide serves several different ddof wine including red, white, rose, and sparkling, as well as a selection of Italian foods. It is perfect for a relaxing evening after a long day of exploring the city.

    WINE BAR Totide Tabelog page

    90. See the Kamoizumi Sake Brewery

    In Higashi-Hiroshima is a sake brewery for those who love Japanese rice wine. You can spend an hour or two here havig a VIP tour of the brewery, tasting various types of sake, and browse the goods on sale.

    Kamoizumi Sake Brewery website *Japanese only

    91. Take a Break at Ikoinomori Park


    A post shared by Shin Fukushima (@walker201705) on

    Also in Higashi-Hiroshima is this park, perfect for if you are travelling with children due to its large play area. It is also a great place for camping.

    Ikoinomori Park website *Japanese only

    92. Explore the Quiet Beauty of Senseki Garden

    This garden is relatively unknown but nevertheless beautiful. Senseki is all about the tranquil and the calm, wth Japanese-style ponds and trees. Some visitors have said the garden itself is like a work of art. You can also enjoy a picnic here. As you can see, it is also breathtakingly gorgeous in the winter.

    Senseki Garden website

    93. See the Autumn Leaves at Miyama-kyo Gorge

    This treasure in nature is the perfect place in Hiroshima to see the fall foliage. Here you will also find uniquely shaped rocks and nature that will make you feel like you’ve stepped into a fantasy land. Absorb the scenic mountains and rivers and snap some incredible photos while you’re at it.


    94. Treat Yourself with Fine Dining at Seasonal Cuisine Nakashima

    This three Michelin Star restaurant is excellent for a good budget and those craving some serious fine dining. Seasonal Cuisine Nakashima is loved for its excellent service, which begins as soon as your walk through the door, and special dining experiences using only the finest ingredients.

    Seasonal Cuisine Nakashima website *Japanese only

    95. See the Art Exhibition at the Former Bank of Japan

    This impressive building has an art exhibition on the first floor and exhibits to do with the war on the rest of its floors. This attraction is within walking distance of the peace memorial and is recommended to visit.

    Former Bank of Japan website *Japanese only

    Hiroshima Tours for Those Who Also Want to Go to Other Areas

    There are plenty of opportunities to see Hiroshima even if you are not planning on staying there. Some tours also offer trips to Hiroshima as well as other places. Check out the tours below for visits to Hiroshima from other cities and tours including other areas.

    96. Take a 2-Day Hiroshima and Kurashiki Trip from Kyoto

    This two-day trip starts in Kyoto and takes you to visit famous spots such as Itsukushima Shrine on Miyajima Island and the Memorial Peace Park in Hiroshima City. On the second day, you will visit Kurashiki, where you can stroll the Bikan Historical Quarter and visit the Ohara Museum of Art.

    The price includes accommodation for the night, lunch on the second day, admission fees, transportation fees, an English-speaking guide, and a pick-up and drop-off service at designated hotels. For this two-day package deal to easily see some great sights in Hiroshima and beyond, click the link below for further details!

    To start the tour from Osaka and to also visit Okayama Korakuen, one of Japan’s top three gardens, check out this tour.

    Booking details: Enjoy a 2-Days Hiroshima & Kurashiki Tour from Kyoto!

    97. Explore Hiroshima and Miyajima by Bullet Train from Kyoto

    Hiroshima is easily reachable from Kyoto. If you’re staying in Kyoto and you’re interested in seeing the highlights of Hiroshima for a day, consider booking this tour. The price includes bullet train tickets and a tour of Itsukushima Shrine on Miyajima Island, the Peace Memorial Park, and the atomic bomb dome. These three top spots in Hiroshima can be seen in one day and the tour gets you back to Kyoto in time for dinner!

    Booking details: Explore Hiroshima & Miyajima by Shinkansen from Kyoto!

    98. Take a Day Trip to Hiroshima from Osaka by Bullet Train

    This tour is similar to the one from Kyoto, except you also get to see Hiroshima Castle on your day out. If you’re staying in Osaka and you’re interested in seeing Hiroshima’s highlights for the day, consider booking this tour where bullet train tickets are included and an experienced guide will show you around.

    Booking details: Day trip to Hiroshima from Osaka by Shinkansen (guided tour)

    Hiroshima is a prefecture brimming with history, culture, and a love for sake and food! No one heading to western Japan can miss this vibrant area. With these things to do, you’ll never be bored in Hiroshima. Book a day out today and make the most of your exciting journey!

    Would you like to stay in Hiroshima? Check out all the hotels in the area here!

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