Check Out These 5 Cool and Unique Japanese LAWSON Products That You Should Try!

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  • LAWSON is a famous retail chain company that first originated in the United States and later moved completely with its headquarters to Shinagawa, Japan. It is owned by Mitsubishi and it operates thousands of convenience stores all across Japan. LAWSON has become a well-known Japanese brand that competes with 7-Eleven and other convenience stores by serving its customers effectively.

    Apart from selling the usual food and beverages belonging to various companies, LAWSON also offers its own original products. They are of very good quality and the ingredients used are usually sourced from exclusive manufacturers. Here are five unique LAWSON products you shouldn’t miss out on!

    1. MACHI café

    Now, instead of buying Starbucks coffee from the shelves of LAWSON, you can actually order a freshly brewed one. Started in 2011 as an attempt to provide high-quality coffee made from roasted Arabica beans sourced from farms abiding by the ethics of the Rainforest Alliance, MACHI café has been attracting a lot of coffee lovers to LAWSON. You can get a nice coffee on the go and other beverages such as a matcha latte. You can also order hot and savory soups here for lunch.

    2. Niigata Koshihikari Rice Ball

    Onigiri is a common food item seen in many Japanese convenience stores which are really cheap and delicious. Although there are many varieties available, the Niigata Koshihikari series by LAWSON is the most recommended as it has the best ingredients utilized in the making of the rice balls – from the nori (seaweed) to the salmon. The rice is sourced from the top-notch paddy fields of Niigata which employ quality agricultural practices, while the meat, especially pork, comes from the famous Kagoshima Prefecture.

    3. Karaage Kun

    Tired of having McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets? Try Karaage Kun from LAWSON prepared by some of the best chefs. These fried chicken bites have become so popular that nearly half a million are delivered every day in Japan. With such popularity, you can assume that the dish must be really delicious.

    4. Lawson Select

    If you want to buy ready-made food that you can take home and prepare easily, Lawson Select is the brand you should be looking for. With a wide range of 140 products, the brand focuses mainly on the demographics of older salarymen and household caretakers. Lawson Select items are reasonably priced and use refined preparation processes with an intention to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

    If you are interested in buying organic products such as green vegetable smoothies or gourmet food in general, you should go to NATURAL LAWSON, an elite division of LAWSON for health conscious people. They even have pharmacies inside to assess your health and give you some tips or medication.

    5. Uchi Café SWEETS and Bran Bread

    You can get delicious sweets that give you a feeling of home from the Uchi Café SWEETS series at LAWSON. You can also get different types of bread such as yummy dinner bread, nutty sesame, and soft chocolate bread, which all come under LAWSON’s unique series of Bran Bread sourced from quality suppliers.

    Do these products appeal to you? Would you like to try them? Pay a visit to your nearest LAWSON and be prepared to be amused by their quality and service.

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