Japanese Manga ‘Marmalade Boy’ Will Be Turned into a Live-Action Movie in 2018

  • If you’re a fan of classic Japanese anime, then you must have already heard of Marmalade Boy. It is a 1990s romance anime which focuses on the ordinary life of Miki Koishikawa, a high school sophomore. Based on the shojo manga created by Wataru Yoshizumi, a Japanese manga artist hailing from Tokyo, this classic animation will now become a live-action movie which is scheduled for release in 2018.

    The Story

    There are several characters involved in the story but it only focuses on two characters, Miki Koishikawa and Yuu Matsuura.

    Miki Koishikawa is a typical cheerful and friendly girl who fell in love with her male best friend. However, she was heartbroken; but later on, she was able to move on. On the other hand, Yuu Matsuura is an athletic guy who is totally the opposite of Miki. Miki likes sharing her emotions while Yuu doesn’t.

    The two met when Miki’s parents returned from a trip to Hawaii and told her that they will be switching spouses. This involved the family of Yuu. Miki and Yuu shared a house together and grew fond of each other in the later series.

    The title, “Marmalade Boy,” comes from the fact that Miki would often call Yuu this name, owing to his sweet nature on the outside but opposite on the inside. Yuu always looked caring and sweet on the surface but has lots of bitterness deep down. He always seemed to be mysterious.

    It is said that the ending of the series was originally left open in order for readers and viewers to decide, but later on, it was changed into a happier one.

    The Live-Action Movie

    From manga to anime, Marmalade Boy will now become a live-action movie! It will be starred by Hinako Sakurai, a Japanese model and actress who was born in Okayama Prefecture. Her acting debut started in May 2016, and she is popular for her drama appearance in Soshite, Dare mo Inaku Natta. Hinako will be playing the role of Miki. On the contrary, Yuu’s role will be played by Ryo Yoshizawa, a Japanese actor who has been acting since 2009. He is popular for starring in the movie, Kingyo Club.

    The live-action movie will be handled by Warner Bros., an American entertainment company. They are also known for handling the movies, Rurouni Kenshin (a romantic story on a Meiji swordsman) and Gintama (a science fantasy manga). If you enjoyed these two movies, it’s no doubt that you’ll also enjoy the live-action film of Marmalade Boy which is set to be released in 2018.

    The film will be directed by Ryuichi Hiroki, a popular Japanese film director who is often described as “one of the modern Japanese cinema’s most intelligent students of character.” The screenwriter will be Taeko Asano, a famous professional screenwriter. It will also include producers such as Shinzo Matsuhashi and Naoaki Kitajima.

    Watching your favorite anime be turned into a live-action film is quite a thrilling experience. If you know the story of Marmalade Boy pretty well, then it will probably be easy for you to understand its movie version. The exciting part is actually watching real people portray your favorite characters. Don’t forget to catch this film in 2018!

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