6 Savory Flavors of the Japanese Senbei Snack

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    In Japan, snacks are eaten daily. One of the most popular snacks is to the rice crackers called “Osenbei”. This Japanese traditional snack existed for a very long time! These crackers are made with “Uruchi Rice” which means in Japanese sticky and non-glutinous rice. The recipe is quite easy: First, we steam the rice and then we crush it and make a circular shape with it. Finally, we bake or fry it.

    When you come to Japan, you will see many kinds of “Osenbei” in any shops or Kombini. Therefore, there is no way you avoid trying it! I would like to recommend you some of them that you can buy in any supermarket or convenience store.

    1. Teshio-Ya

    If you like salty snacks then you should definitely try Teshio Ya. When you will eat it, you will feel that the texture is quite dense and crunchy! This one is very popular and very tasty.

    2. Happy-Turn

    “Happy Turn” snack is a sweet “Osenbei” that was also very popular in Japan since long time ago. They are easy to eat as they have a one-bite size.

    3. Kabuki-age

    Kabuki Age is special because it has a sweet soy sauce taste. Can you imagine soy sauce being sweet? You will be a surprise for sure. It has an amazing taste! If you start to eat one, you would never stop!

    4. Kaki-no-Tane

    It is often called “Kakipi” as a short name and it is quite spicy. You’ll generally find them in a small size with nuts. They are very good to share with friends.

    5. Black Pepper “Osenbei”

    Black Pepper “Osenbei”, called also “Kingodo Kuro Kosho Senbei” is, of course, spicy and Japanese people usually eat them with beers! Great match!

    6. Nuresen

    “Nuresen” is very special. “Osenbei” are usually hard but this one is very soft and you may feel like it is a wet. The taste is like sweet soy sauce. Some Japanese don’t like it. “Nure” means wet.

    Just to let you know, Japanese people are quite addicted to those snacks so please try some when going to Japan! I hope you’ll like it!