2 Crazy Rental Services in Japan

  • With people usually being busy working and not having enough time to spend meeting new people or taking care of the things they would like to do, it is not surprising that there are rental services in Japan that quite different from the usual ones.

    Renting a car when moving, going somewhere where your own car can go or travel by it is nothing special. Renting a dress and a tux when getting married is the normal procedure in Japan, too. (Who would dare to buy a dress, when you can spend more on renting it?!)

    Other rental clothing is common too, for example, expensive Kimonos for graduation ceremonies or again, wedding ceremonies, costumes when invited at a Halloween party… People in Japan sometimes rent a room, especially young adults when wanting some privacy with their partners which their parents’ house would not allow.

    1. Rent an ossan!

    How about renting some more extraordinary things? Can you imagine renting an おっさん (ossan), ‘a middle-aged (Japanese) man’? This site allows you to choose between two middle-aged charming men, for usually 1000¥ an hour. Their service?
    Chatting, life advising, providing company, hanging out in a cafe… of course there is no strict “no touching” policy. Interested? Then do not miss out on checking the rental ossan homepage.

    Ossan rental website

    2. Rent a pet

    Bored of people? Not enough space in your own apartment? Do not worry. You can even rent a pet in Japan! This site offers various dogs for renting, check out the wanpaku land website!

    They can be rented for a walk, for a day, even for an overnight stay! If you can not get enough, even a week, a month is possible. What a great thing for families, that can not afford or allow a permanent pet.

    Wanpaku Land website

    If this is too crazy for you, do not worry. Rather regular rental services are offered too, like the rental books, CDs and DVDs service from Tsutaya, nearly at every major train station.

    What rental service experience have you had in Japan? Were you satisfied?