Are You Health-Conscious? This Japanese Convenience Store Is Perfect for You!

  • 7-Eleven is very popular around the world as a leading convenience store chain selling all your daily needs. In Japan, there are others that are equally brilliant such as LAWSON, FamilyMart, and so on. Japanese retail chain stores or mini-marts are highly regarded as one of the best with commendable service and quality amenities which attract many people. LAWSON is one such brand that has been reinventing itself by setting up exclusive branches such as NATURAL LAWSON which only sells organic food and beverages for the health-conscious.


    Do you care about the environment? Are you health-conscious and do not like to consume food grown using artificial chemicals and methods? If so, NATURAL LAWSON awaits you to come and select from their innumerable eco-friendly, natural, and healthy products at reasonable prices. Some of these products are imported from Europe and the US, and some are original.

    With over a hundred stores spread across Japan, NATURAL LAWSON is dedicated to providing low-calorie lunches, ethically sourced sweets and snacks, naturally prepared cosmetics, and so much more. Not one of their products has synthetic additives or preservatives, and the atmosphere of each store is very relaxed, spacious, clean, and very modern. However, NATURAL LAWSON stores can only be found mainly in very urban areas of Tokyo and other prefectures such as Chiba and Kanagawa. It is rare to find them in rural areas of Japan.

    Unconventional Products

    Starting with NATURAL LAWSON’s lunch boxes, you can find a lot of them with raw vegetables rich in vitamins. Compared to bento boxes from other convenience stores, the volume of the food including rice and salad is a bit more here. When it comes to sandwiches, you can find healthy sesame or rye bread with cheese and a lot of organically farmed vegetables.

    NATURAL LAWSON also has a healthy line-up of desserts with ingredients such as milk or cream sourced from Hokkaido. These desserts are nothing short of fancy and appealing. For example, there is an interesting transparent ice cube-style dessert named after the famous Ramune soda called “Ramune-kan,” which resembles the Japanese jelly sweet yokan in looks.

    Furthermore, you can order freshly brewed natural coffee and hot bread for a nice breakfast or an evening fill at NATURAL LAWSON stores. They also have a lot of products especially targeting women such as chocolates, biscuits, nuts, and so on. These have high nutritional value and are either imported from around the world or made in local kitchens.

    NATURAL LAWSON’s soaps and other cleaning products are also made from 100% organic ingredients and have a very pleasant fragrance.

    More Uniqueness

    There are many cool things about NATURAL LAWSON as it is committed to not only environmental protection but also disease prevention. Some of its stores have a family-friendly pharmacy inside giving over-the-counter prescription analysis, consultation, and much more, which you won’t find that much in any other convenience stores.

    One of NATURAL LAWSON’s most popular and successful original products is their Green Smoothie, which has sold out approximately 84 million times since its debut in 2015.

    If you want to find NATURAL LAWSON instead of a regular one, look for the sign in a burgundy color. Since its popularity is nascent, you may not be able to see these stores in other regions. Also, please take note that the prices could be a bit higher compared to the original LAWSON because of the procurement cost of organic materials.

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    There are many branches, but we will introduce one of them here.

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