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    Fujiya hotel is located in Hakone in the Kanagawa prefecture, south-west of Tokyo. It is one of the oldest hotels in Japan with a history of 120 years. Celebrities and legends such as Charlie Chaplin, Hellen Keller, John Lennon have stayed in this hotel.

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    It is situated in the middle of Hakone and it is convenient for sightseeing and also for shopping. It has all needed facilities with luxurious onsens, both private and public. You can enjoy the hot springs right in your room. The hotel has branches in Osaka as well. Prices start around 20000 yen per night per head.

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    Though the hotel looks magnificent in the day, it actually looks haunted in the night. Due to its old architecture, remnants of old celebrity guests and secluded areas around, it really gives you goosebumps if you are wandering alone inside the hotel at night. Moreover, you cannot see Mt.Fuji from this hotel but you can have many interesting spots of Hakone nearby. Though its a bit expensive, it’s worth visiting this hotel at least once in your lifetime especially when you are in Hakone.

    How to get there

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    If you have Japan Rail Pass, you can get directly there to the nearest station in just an hour and a half by Shinkansen from Tokyo. Another train route is from Shinjuku to Hakone Yumoto station by Odakyu Limited Express Romance Car and from there till Miyanoshita station via Tozan Hakone railway. It takes more than two hours to reach Miyanoshita and from there it just takes a 5 to 10-minute walk to the hotel.You can buy `free passes` from Odakyu office which include a few benefits of sightseeing in Hakone. Also if you need a bit of privacy during your travel on the Odakyu Romance car, you can look for private compartments as well. You can reserve one month in advance.
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