5 Japanese Things You will Crave Even Back Home!

  • If you are a frequent visitor to Japan, you are lucky to enjoy Japanese benefits on a more regular basis. Those, who do not come that often, can only dream of the always available, only-in-Japan products and services. From my own experience, here is a top 5 of what you are beyond any doubts wishing you had in your home country too!

    1. Cheap good quality Sushi

    Unless you do not need to worry about spendings and live next to an exclusive Sushi restaurant, this is not something that is going to trouble you. Otherwise, you will definitely be unquestionable disappointed when purchasing the next sushi at your local supermarket (maybe a frozen product, valid till next year) or just plainly not the same quality that Japan has to offer. Make sure to have plenty of sushi on your next trip to Japan!

    2. Excellent customer service

    Where in the world are customers, no matter what size their wallet is, treated like kings and queens? Regardless where you are shopping, whether it be at a high-end department store or at the nearby 100¥-store, clients are always treated with a smile, respect and tremendous grace.

    3. Beverage vending machines everywhere

    Feeling thirsty on a hot summer day? Forgot to bring a bottle of water? No problem, the next vending machine is just a minute away. Wait, stop – Not in your home country! You might know where the nearest supermarket or kiosk is, but are they open? Do they have your favourite Japanese tea? If you visit Japan, no need to worry about these things. Just make sure, to have enough change with you. And even if you do not: the machines even accept 1000¥ bills.

    4. Matcha flavoured sweets

    Mmmhhh, who does not love the variety Japanese sweets offer? Matcha chocolate, Matcha cookies, Matcha milk. Even Starbucks has Matcha frappuccino. Those are rarely available outside Japan, so make sure to indulge yourself in plenty of it!

    5. Onigiri

    Another food related item: those delicious rice balls! Available at any convenient stores, some stores at major train stations are even specialised for onigiri and sell only those. They are in no way comparable with sandwiches, price wise and quality wise. How often have you bought a dinky overpriced sandwich, not satisfying at all, wishing you had a nice rice ball instead? Oh, well, you might start thinking that way now. There is a trick to this one: make your own at home for to go, and do not worry ever again, being hungry when on the way!