Good News for Expectant Mothers! UNIQLO Japan Now Offers Maternity Clothes

  • Good news for expectant mothers! UNIQLO Japan has recently launched their maternity clothing line which will help pregnant women feel comfortable in their clothes for nine months. The clothing comes in stretchy fabrics which will provide comfort and ease of movement. This new area of apparel is a response to the growing number of the company’s satisfied customers. Find out more about it!

    UNIQLO in Japan

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    UNIQLO is the largest apparel chain in Japan. They design, manufacture, and sell Japanese casual wear, and have numerous international branches in countries like the Philippines, China, Hong Kong, France, etc.

    It is said that UNIQLO’s first casual wear store opened in Hiroshima City in 1984, and was followed by the opening of several suburban road stores. With sales rising steadily, the brand’s growth was very rapid which led to the so-called “UNIQLO Boom.” This was followed by the opening of more stores in Japan and later on, abroad.

    After expanding overseas, UNIQLO saw more opportunities and introduced different wear industries. In 2016, they decided to make athletic wear whose production process was led by former Nike executive, Shu Hung.

    Though the company is continuously expanding, it hasn’t stopped targeting higher sales as it aims to become the world’s biggest specialty retailer of private label apparel. It is focused on “fast fashion” which is used for supplying trendy apparels in an inexpensive manner.

    Maternity Wear

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    Originally catered to younger adults, UNIQLO widened their clothing lines and focused on other kinds of shoppers. In August 2017, they introduced their maternity clothing line which offers great value and high fashion sense.

    As of right now, the line only carries four items:

    1. Maternity Ultra Stretch Jeans – comfortable stretch jeans, available in blue or black (3,990 yen)
    2. Maternity Leggings Pants – easy to adjust which is ideal for when the waistline increases (2,990 yen)
    3. Maternity Leggings – ideal to wear at home (1,500 yen)
    4. Maternity Shorts – stretchable and soft maternity underwear, available in gray, black, or nude (790 yen)

    Prior to this, UNIQLO also introduced their line of infant clothes and bibs which hit the shelves in July 2017. If you have no time to visit their stores, you can order online instead.

    UNIQLO’s maternity clothing line is hoping to help expectant mothers live comfortably while staying in style. It is said that the line will be expanded and more items will be released in the future. So if you’re a soon-to-be-mother, check out the new maternity items at your nearest UNIQLO store. They might come in handy.

    UNIQLO Japan’s Maternity Wear Website *Japanese only

    UNIQLO Japan Website *Japanese only

    There are many branches, but we will introduce one of them here.

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