A Guide to Buying Foreign Goods in Japan

  • HOW TO
  • When being/living/traveling in Japan you surely enjoy sushi, onigiri, matcha tea,etc., but sometimes you might need something particular, that is typical in your home country, but seems nowhere available in Japan. Maybe you are craving that special sweet, that is so popular back home, but you have not found yet in your local supermarket? Or there is this extraordinary dish that needs a significant ingredient. Regardless what it is, do not give up!

    Some of the shops, in Japan, have concentrated their product range on foreign foods. Some of them have online stores, too!

    1. Kinokuniya

    That is one of the biggest supermarkets that has a nice variety of foreign food. Selling Japanese products, too, they offer a huge variety of sweets, condiments, bread, canned food, soups, meat, etc. Make sure to check the prices before purchasing, they are extraordinary, too!

    Kinokuniya Website

    2. Seijo Ishii

    Very similar to Kinokuniya, this upper-class supermarket has many stores around Tokyo and Yokohama, mainly focusing on those customers, who do not need to check price tags beforehand. You will find nice gems in the shelves, though!

    Seijo Ishii Website

    3. Kaldi

    This smaller sized store started off with selling coffee beans and offers now a limited but good variety of foreign sweets, alcohol, cheese, canned food, pasta, rice and others. It is similar to the two stores before. though it has much more reasonable prices!

    Kaldi Website

    4. Plaza

    This store offers only a little variety of foreign sweets, like gummy, cookies and chocolate.

    Plaza Website

    5. Jupiter

    Prize wise and product wise Jupiter is very similar to Kaldi though the stores are usually a bit bigger.

    Jupiter Website

    6. Costco

    Shopping at this huge American store requires a membership and usually a car, since they are located a bit far off stations. It is a regular supermarket, similar to Walmart though most of the products are sold in bulk! You will not save money buying in bulk, but it is definitely much cheaper than the previous stores. Plus, they offer English books and magazines, too!
    Costco Website

    7. Don Quixote

    This huge discount store is usually selling a variety of foreign food and sometimes other items, too, but most of their products are Japanese or made in China.

    Don Quixote Website