Visit These 3 Romantic Bridges on the Beautiful Miyako Islands in Okinawa!

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  • Japan’s Okinawa Prefecture has many great island clusters to see. These include the Miyako Islands which have a unique culture and are known for their spectacular beaches. Among these remote islands, Miyakojima is a great urban center because of its relatively large population compared to that of other nearby islands.

    Many Japanese people dream of visiting the Miyako Islands for their honeymoon because they boast not only wonderful nature but also great infrastructure. Here are three bridges that you have to see as they feature panoramic views from every angle and great photo opportunities!

    1. Irabu Bridge

    If you want to see a sea bridge with awesome curves and romantic views, you can rent a car and drive along the scenic Irabu Bridge that connects the small island of Irabu with the main island of Miyakojima. The road was opened relatively recently in early 2015 and it took almost nine years to complete. The best thing about this road bridge is that it is toll-free, and you can spend as much time as you want driving down this 6.5-kilometer two-way passage.

    Built above beautiful coral reefs, this dreamy bridge had been requested by the locals for nearly 40 years and it took almost 357 million U.S dollars to become reality. Miyakojima and Irabujima constitute a major portion of the population of the Miyako Islands. This bridge was built for people to be able to transport sugarcane, which is grown a lot in the area, and other goods freely and quickly.


    2. Kurima Bridge

    Kurima Island (Kurimajima) is another island located near Miyakojima that is known for sugarcane farming. Known as one of the best farm roads on the islands, the 1690 meter Kurima Bridge brings paradise to life with its beautiful captivating scenery. In fact, you won’t find another farm bridge of this scale and grandeur anywhere else in the entire country.

    You can see farmers with their tractors and bulldozers traveling along this awesome bridge. It is a great thing to see as it shows the traditional lifestyle of the locals. Since it opened in March 1995, this bridge has not only transported farmers home but also allowed visitors to reach some of the most secluded beaches in the entire region. If you don’t fancy driving, you can walk across the bridge because it is narrow and has some impressive views on the way!


    3. Ikema Bridge

    Built on the blue stretch of ocean connecting Miyakojima with the spectacular little island of Ikemajima, the 1425 meter Ikema Bridge has been attracting tourists since 1992. Ikema Island is one of the most highly recommended places you can visit when you are in Miyakojima as it is located very near to the northwest, which has pristine beaches such as the Ikemajima Block Beach.

    The little island of Ikemajima has captivating greenery as it is a wetland and a conservation site. Finding an amazing wetland filled with interesting flora and fauna on coral islands is rare, and that is why it is such a unique place to visit.

    The Ikema Island also has many Ryukyu era historical sites such as the Sakishima Beacon which played a large role in regulating naval traffic during Japan’s Sakoku (isolation) period.


    Why not impress your loved ones by taking them to these great bridges? Located some distance away from the mainland, these islands are a great refuge from the busy city and a real escape from it all!

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