3 Japanese Fashion Icons That Prove Age Doesn’t Matter When It Comes to Style

  • Ever since Facebook bought Instagram, photo sharing has become a widespread and easy online activity. Add it up to the brilliant way of how hashtags work, and you can expect thousands of people to discover online content within a short amount of time regardless of where they are in the world. This speed in information sharing became a turning point not only for a lot of businesses who rely on effective marketing but also for individuals looking for an avenue to share their craft with the rest of the world. And when it comes to driving traffic to one’s content, photos perform better than plain text most of the time.

    This is exactly why Instagram became such a successful platform. And for fashion icons such as the ones we’ll be featuring in this article, nothing beats Instagram for building their own solid fan base while expressing individuality at the same time.

    Log into your Instagram accounts and get ready to follow these Japanese fashion icons that prove age doesn’t matter when it comes to style!

    1. COCO – Harajuku’s funkiest six-year-old

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    Who says fashion is just for grown-ups? COCO, known to her fans as Coco Princess, proves that a kid can rock the fashion world just as well as adults. As proof, she has now accumulated 323,000 followers on Instagram and counting. How is that for a six-year-old?

    Contrary to the typical get-up we see on kids her age, COCO sports more variety as she experiments with hip-hop fashion, funk, chic, and more. And she looks great! With more and more people getting to know her, it’s only a matter of time before we see her current fame rise to greater heights.

    COCO’s Instagram Account

    2. Naomi Watanabe – Japan’s Beyoncé

    With a lovely personality and confidence in her own fashion sense, it’s easy to see why Naomi has become one of Japan’s most popular modern-day fashion icons. She is a Japanese-Taiwanese star who works as a comedian and designer.

    One thing that sets her apart from the models of her generation is her belief that beauty doesn’t always come with being skinny. She’s confident in her looks, has the attitude to carry it well, and shares her individuality and art to her 7.2 million followers on Instagram. Go see what she’s up to these days!

    Naomi Watanabe’s Instagram Account

    3. Mr. Bon and Mrs. Pon – Strong and stylish at 60

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    It is a fact that the younger generation constitutes a majority of the total number of social media users. But that didn’t stop Mr. Bon and Mrs. Pon from gaining an outstanding 565,000 followers on Instagram for sharing their “couple fashion.”

    Apart from challenging the status quo about their age, the couple is also proving that style and good looks aren’t exclusive to the youngsters. Indeed, they are a living statement for #relationshipgoals!

    Mr. Bon and Mrs. Pon’s Instagram Account

    Many people associate fashion with vanity, but if you look at it, it’s actually a form of art and creative expression. A lot of people use fashion to show their personality. Others use it as a medium of self-expression. A few even see it as somehow therapeutic.

    Regardless of one’s perception, fashion has its own language that unites people across the globe. Be inspired by the three Japanese icons we have on this list and bring out your own style!

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