Have You Tried This Amazing Local Coffee Shop Available All Over Japan?

  • Besides Starbucks Coffee, there’s one popular local coffee chain in Japan that has kept customers coming. It is called “Komeda’s Coffee,” a coffee shop that provides an extensive menu of coffee, sandwiches, cakes, and many more! Many coffee aficionados come to this place in order to try different types of coffee in accentuated flavors. It has quite a history and is considered a favorite by many people.

    History of Komeda’s Coffee

    Komeda’s Coffee was founded by Taro Kato in Nagoya in 1968. The company was established as Komeda’s Coffee Co., Ltd in August of 1975, and in 1977, they started branching out. Later on, the headquarters was moved from Kamiyama-cho, Mizuho-ku to Aoi, Higashi-ku – both in Nagoya City.

    In June 2003, Komeda’s Coffee opened their first branch in the Kanto region whose success led to the opening of more branches in the Kansai region and in Tokyo. The first smoke-free Komeda’s Coffee shop opened in Nagoya Airport, and was followed by the opening of its first branch in Osaka in May 2009.

    In April 2013, the total number of Komeda’s Coffee shops in Japan reached 500, yet this didn’t stop them from opening more branches. The Fukuoka Hatta branch opened in September 2013, while the Beisia Shirakawa branch opened in November 2013. In 2014, a training center was established in order to reinforce the shop’s training functions.

    You can find a Komeda’s Coffee branch almost anywhere across the country and it is easily noticeable with its wooden exteriors. The shop’s menu is written in Japanese but the waitresses are willing to assist you if you have trouble understanding.

    The Best Things About Komeda’s Coffee

    Komeda’s Coffee is a favorite of many in Japan as they offer great coffee and good food in a relaxing environment. Their place is very comfortable and nicely decorated, with wooden walls and ceilings and red-colored chairs. Besides having quality food, they also have excellent service.

    Most people come to the place for their original coffee blend made from roasted beans. They also provide other coffee-based drinks such as iced coffee and cafe latte, and non-coffee drinks such as milkshakes and soda floats.

    When it comes to food, Komeda’s Coffee offers several types of food such as sandwiches and burgers. But what you shouldn’t miss out on is their signature dessert, Shiro-Noir. It consists of a soft Danish bread topped with ice cream and syrup. It surpasses all the other desserts on the menu and can be considered the true star of all. One order of this incredibly good and surely addictive dish costs 600 yen.

    Komeda’s Coffee’s Morning Service offers great value with a complimentary toast and a hard-boiled egg for every drink you order. This is available until 11 AM every day and is ideal for busy people who want a quick breakfast fix before heading to work.

    Next time you visit Japan, add a little twist to your routine by not only visiting the ever-popular Starbucks but also Komeda’s Coffee. Look around your neighborhood and check out the nearest branch!

    Komeda’s Coffee Website

    There are many branches, but we will introduce one of them here.

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