A New Live-Action Film Adaptation of a Shojo Manga Is About to Come Out in Japan!

  • A girl sings in hopes of being reunited with her childhood friends. Two boys write songs for only one girl to sing. What kind of music will they create? A live-action film adaptation of the manga series, Fukumenkei Noise (覆面系ノイズ), finally opens in Japanese cinemas this November 2017. Check it out!

    Fukumenkei Noise

    Fukumenkei Noise, also known as Anonymous Noise, is an ongoing manga series by Ryoko Fukuyama. It was first serialized in Hakusensha’s semi-monthly shojo magazine, “Hana to Yume,” in 2013. It is published in tankobon (単行本 – independent) format with 13 volumes to date.

    Fukumenkei Noise has also been licensed for English release by VIZ Media and the first volume came out in early 2017.

    In addition, the series was adapted into an animation series by Japanese studio Brain’s Base. With 12 episodes, Fukumenkei Noise was televised in local channels from April to June 2017.


    Fukumenkei Noise is the story of a young girl named Nino Arisugawa. During her childhood, she met two boys at two different times. The first one was her neighbor, Momo Sakaki, who she fell in love with. Before Momo moved to another town, they promised to be reunited through Nino’s voice.

    After Momo left, Nino met Kanade Yuzuriha who in turn fell in love with her. Similar to Momo, Nino also eventually parted with Yuzu. Now in high school, the three are reunited and confront their feelings through music.


    Japanese actress and model Ayami Nakajo (中条 あやみ) stars the movie as Nino Arisugawa. Her first main role in a movie was in the horror film, Fatal Frame, which was screened in Japan back in 2014. She also played Ichigo Kashimura in manga-turned-movie Setoutsumi in 2016 where she won a “Best New Actress” award from the 71st Mainichi Film Awards.

    Actor Jun Shison (志尊 淳) will join her as Kanade Yuzuriha. He has been cast in numerous films, including the live-action film adaptation of shojo manga Senpai to Kanojo in 2015. This 2017, he also appears in two other movies: The Survival Family and Teiichi: Battle of Supreme High.

    Actor Yuta Koseki (小関裕太) completes the trio as Momo Sakaki. He has also starred in recent films such as the 2015 romance film, Ashita ni Nareba, and the 2016 two-part horror and comedy film, Dorome: Boys’ Side.

    Additional cast includes Hayato Isomura as Kuro, Erina Mano as Mio, and Yosuke Sugino as Haruyoshi. Together with Yuzu, they form the mysterious band, “in NO hurry to shout.” Koichiro Miki directs the film with the script that he and Rie Yokota wrote together.


    The film’s ending theme song, “Find You,” will be performed by rock band “MAN WITH A MISSION.” The band has previously collaborated with Fukumenkei Noise to commemorate the publication of its first tankobon by performing “Feel and Think” in 2013.

    With Ayami Nakajo as the vocalist of “in NO hurry to shout,” a new single with the title, “Close to Me,” will debut on November 15, 2017, before the movie opens in the same month. With lyrics written by “MAN WITH A MISSION,” the song will also be featured in the movie.


    Tickets for the movie are sold at 1,400 yen each (inclusive of tax). You can buy them in advance online through Major (Japanese only) and mvtk.jp (Japanese only).

    Fukumenkei Noise will be screened at over 150 cinemas nationwide starting November 25, 2017.

    From monochrome pages, this story comes alive in another format. If you loved the Fukumenkei Noise manga and the anime, you definitely should not miss the chance to see your favorite series on the big screen!

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