Top 5 Stores to Cover All Your Shopping Needs While in Japan!

  • While in Japan, all must know the popular and leading brands, whether it is Uniqlo for clothes or Aeon for groceries and retailing. Here is the list of the top five stores which rule Japan’s market scene. A must know for everyone residing in Japan!

    1. Uniqlo

    Type: Clothes wear
    Who doesn’t wear a Uniqlo in Japan! Yes, the iconic family garments store which has a collection of casual wear, designer wear, apparels and other garments. It has the season’s trendiest and coolest trends for jeans, tops, shirts, and chic winter wear, glasses, hats, coats etc. according to the season and the region. Check out their collection during sale season and grab the stylish set of outfits!


    2. Aeon

    Type: Supermarket/ multibrand retailer
    The largest retailer in Asia, Aeon is an all in one supermarket/ hypermarket housing everything from groceries, medicines, clothes, apparels, drug store, convenience store, home decor goods all under one roof. A complete stop shopping destination for families to stock up groceries, buy other apparels or just basic convenience goods.


    3. Tokyu Hands

    Type: Department store/ Lifestyle store
    Tokyu Hands is a lifestyle departmental store focusing on hobbies, home improvement and lifestyle products. It started as Do-it-yourself store and hence the logo with two hands and the emphasis on crafts and materials for projects.
    You will be surprised by the plethora of toys, artefacts, gift cards and items, stationery, games, novelty items and much more that the store has to offer to the customers who believe in innovation, creativity and aesthetics.

    Tokyu Hands

    4. Lawson

    Type: Convenience store (Konbini)
    The convenience store chain which is ubiquitous in Japan has everything to offer right from morning coffee to newspapers to cosmetics to confectionery items. It is not only very useful and convenient but also very important for office workers, students etc. who get their necessary food, drinks and other goods from these stores. The conveniences stores in Japan are all most considered as a cult.


    5. Doutor Coffee

    Type: Retail Beverage company
    This beverage and food company specializes in coffee roasting and has multiple coffee shops franchises over the country. Not only the aromatic coffee will attract you, but also the delicious array of quick bites like sandwiches and wraps will leave you licking your fingers!

    Doutor Coffee ※Japanese only