See the Beautiful Autumn Leaves of Japan at These 5 Maple Festivals in Aichi

  • There is inexplicable beauty in how our surroundings change with the seasons. When the green foliage of summer turn into blazing blends of red, orange, and yellow, people look forward to “momijigari” or autumn leaf viewing. Enjoy the colors of autumn at these five festivals in Japan’s Aichi Prefecture!

    1. Korankei “Momiji” Maple Festival

    Korankei in Toyota City is hailed by many as one of the best spots to view the autumn colors. Various species of maple line the valley of Korankei.

    It is said that the first maple trees in Korankei were planted by San’ei, the 11th head priest of the nearby Kojakuji Temple. The residents were inspired to do the same and planted more maple trees. At present, there are over 4,000 maple trees in the area, and the red Taigetsukyo Bridge over the Tomoe River adds to the picturesque view in Korankei.

    The Korankei “Momiji” Maple Festival is held for the entire month of November. There are many events scheduled during this period such as the “Jazz Night in Korankei,” tea ceremonies, and even musical and monkey performances. Don’t miss the illuminations that take place every day from sunset until nine in the evening!

    Korankei “Momiji” Maple Festival Website

    2. Iwayado Park Autumn Leaves Festival

    Part of Aichi-Kogen Quasi-National Park, the Iwayado Park in Seto City celebrates autumn with night illuminations. Marvel at the spectacular view as the lights reflect on the surface of the Torihara River.

    Iwayado Park Autumn Leaves Festival Website

    3. Jokoji Temple Autumn Leaves Festival

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    Jokoji Temple, located on top of a hill in Seto City, also has an autumn leaves festival. Fill your stomach with mitarashi dango as you enjoy the view of around 500 maple trees from the observation deck.

    A Rinzai school Zen Buddhist temple, Jokoji houses two structures that are designated National Important Cultural Assets: the Mausoleum of Tokugawa Yoshinao and Muiden or its main hall. You can also take a stroll at the nearby Jokoji Park.

    Jokoji Temple Autumn Leaves Festival Website

    4. Mt. Horaiji Maple Festival

    Appreciate the natural beauty of a sacred mountain against the red and gold colors of the maple trees that cover it. Mt. Horaiji, also known as Horaijisan, is a popular hiking and power spot. In autumn, there is a month-long festival with different events, especially on its main day, November 23.

    Climb 1,425 steps to the mountain summit and visit the Horaiji Temple. Check out the Mt. Horaiji Natural Science Museum and learn more about the flora and fauna in the area, such as the rare bird Japanese scops owl and rare ferns and lilies that grow in its forests. Mt. Horaiji is located in Shinshiro City.

    Mt. Horaiji Maple Festival Website

    5. Mt. Miyaji “Momiji” Maple Festival

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    See the famous “koaburatsutsuji” shrubs of Mt. Miyaji as it takes on the autumn colors. During the day-long maple festival at Mt. Miyaji, you can also have a taste of freshly pounded mochi and the local dish, kumosukemeshi. Climb to the mountain peak and see the surrounding view including Mikawa Bay, Toyohashi Port, the cities of Toyokawa and Toyohashi, and maybe Mt. Fuji, too!

    This 2017, the Mt. Miyaji “Momiji” Maple Festival will take place on November 26.

    Mt. Miyaji “Momiji” Maple Festival Website

    Revel in the unique scenes and experiences offered by each of these autumn festivals in Aichi Prefecture. Let the colors of autumn give you a wonderful memory of Japan!