4 Iconic Japanese Inventions Still Commonly Used Today

  • Have you ever thought which country things you use or do today come from? Perhaps you have, and some things may even come from Japan! I want to show you the most iconic inventions that came from Japan in this article.

    1. Cup noodle

    I can imagine your face when you see this! This is so surprising, isn’t it? “Cup noodle” is something that everyone loves. It is very reasonable and easy to make. Therefore, it has become one of the most prevalent foods in the world. Speaking of its history, in 1971, the food company named “Nisshin” released cup noodle.(http://enjoy.sso.biglobe.ne.jp/archives/nihon/) If you want to see their first commercial ever, please check the link below out.
    The First Cup Noodle Commercial

    2. Dry cell

    Don’t get shocked everybody, but it’s true. Secondary, “Dry cell” is something you can’t survive without anymore. It has become one of the most important things in our daily life. Imagine if there was no dry cell, you couldn’t use your alarm clock to wake you up in the early morning and couldn’t use your electronic dictionary. We do get a lot from it. Speaking of its history, in 1887 a man named Sakizou Yai invented this great product.

    More about the first Dry Cell

    3. Karate

    Maybe many people already know this. Karate is a sport which has become popular all over the world. There are many kinds of karate teachings, but traditionally two people fight together in the ring but they do not actually hit each other.

    4. Sushi

    Maybe I didn’t need to say this because I’m pretty sure everybody knows it, but “sushi” is Japan’s representative food. For your information, if you like sushi, eating sushi in Japan is a lot cheaper than in any other country. If you go to conveyor belt sushi in Japan usually two sushi pieces on one plate cost around 1 euro and taste more delicious, in my opinion. If you want to know more details about good sushi chain restaurants in Japan, Akindo Sushi is one of the biggest ones. Please check their website!
    Akindo website

    Here you go, I have introduced some of the most iconic things that come from Japan, did you already know all of them? Sometimes thinking about where the things around you came from is interesting!