Green Guide in Nagatoro, Saitama

  • Nagatoro near Chichibu area in Saitama Prefecture, has been listed as one of the must visit place in Japan Green Guide Michelin. Nagatoro has many beautiful scenic spots including Nagatoro Iwadatami. Iwadatami literally means ‘Japanese rock flooring’. The area consists of 80-meter wide and half a kilometre long layered rocks along the Arakawa river.
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    Take an unforgettable cruise


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    People can take a 3-kilometre cruise, to enjoy Nagatoro Iwadatami from a closer look, which operates from March to December. The boatman will explain the details about each rock and its formation, while elegantly guiding the cruise.

    Walk to the port


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    The nearest station is little Nagatoro station built of wood, which will give you a friendly atmosphere (refer to the right picture). You need to take a 5-minute walk through a ‘shotengai’, a local market selling local products (left picture), to the cruise departing port. If you love to engage in activities with a lot of people, don’t miss Nagatoro Funadama Matsuri, usually held on August 15th of each year. The cruise will pass through gentle and rapid streams. Get ready to get wet from splashing!

    Autumn magic!


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    The best time to visit Nagatoro Iwadatami is during autumn. You will be amazed with the colors of the trees along Arakawa River. Usually the Japanese enjoy the autumn leaves in a park while walking/jogging, or hiking up the mountains. Why not make the usual activity more fun with a cruise trip to enjoy another Japan’s season. And if you have enough time, you might want to take a detour to the Mount Hodo nearby. Just take the ‘Bambi’ ropeway to the top of Mount Hodo and be fascinated with the sunset view from the top of the mountain, after paying a visit to Hodosan Shrine.

    Beautiful scenery through all the seasons

    However, if you don’t have time to visit Nagatoro during spring, summer and autumn seasons, you can still enjoy Iwadatami scenery with a warm ‘kotatsu’ cruise. The same cruise, but with a different scenery of Nagatoro ravine sheet of rocks. It is a 20-minute ride, and you are allowed to bring food and drinks while enjoying the trip. During the colder times, it is be possible to see Iwashimizu Icicles drip from Akakabe.

    In any season, Nagatoro Iwadatami always welcomes you with its beautiful and fascinating sceneries!