There Is a New Premium Sake-Flavored Kit Kat Available in Japan! Check It Out!

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  • You have probably heard of the sake-flavored Kit Kat that launched in Japan in 2016. If you loved that flavor, you have more reasons to get your hands on the newest variant of Sake Kit Kat! Check it out!

    Sake Kit Kat

    Kit Kat has become a very popular souvenir for those who visit Japan because of all the unique flavors that one can get in the country. Some flavors are limited and you can only get them in a specific prefecture or region. This includes Hiroshima’s Momiji Manju Kit Kat, Kyushu-Okinawa’s Purple Sweet Potato Kit Kat, and Yokohama’s Strawberry Cheese Cake Kit Kat. There are also flavors that you can only get at the Kit Kat Chocolatory stores such as the Sublime Bitter and Sublime Milk.

    In 2016, Nestlé introduced Sake Kit Kat, with a beautiful packaging that makes it really easy to differentiate it from the rest. The box has the image of and is shaped as an “Isshobin,” the 1.8-liter bottle in which sake is traditionally made available. This sweet white chocolate with a refreshing sake aftertaste has an alcohol content of 0.8 percent.

    Masuizumi Japan Sake Kit Kat

    Here comes the big question… What is new with the latest Sake Kit Kat?

    The product of a year-long development in collaboration with Hidetoshi Nakata using Toyama Prefecture’s Masuizumi sake, this premium Kit Kat is called the “Masuizumi Japan Sake Kit Kat.”

    Considered as one of the greatest Japanese soccer players of all time, Hidetoshi Nakata is also known for his passion for sake. He has recently launched his own brand “N” in 2016, and hosted the Sake Competition 2017 in Tokyo – the world’s largest sake competition participated in by 453 breweries and 1,730 sake labels.

    The sake used in this new Kit Kat is the Masuizumi Junmai Ginjo sake produced by Masudashuzo. Founded by Kamejiro Masuda in 1893 in the city of Asahikawa in Hokkaido Prefecture, the brewery relocated to the port town of Iwase in Toyama Prefecture in 1905 where the brewery is currently based. “Masuizumi,” as a brand name, was derived from the founder’s surname and continues to be the brewery’s main brand.

    The Masuizumi Japan Sake Kit Kat comes in a solid red box with an image of a white sake bottle. The tagline, “The elegant taste of sake, wrapped in the gentle sweetness of white chocolate. Enjoy the rich, satisfying flavor of sake,” prominently appears at the bottom part of the box. Another unique feature of the packaging is that you can find a QR code for Nakata’s Sakenomy app on the side of the box.

    Each box contains nine individually wrapped Sake Kit Kat with the characters for “Masuizumi (満寿泉)” on each red foil wrapper. The Masuizumi Japan Sake Kit Kat has an alcohol content of 0.4 percent. Each box is sold at 700 yen.

    Tickle your taste buds with the new twist in Japan’s exclusive Kit Kat flavors. Grab the Masuizumi Japan Sake Kit Kat if you have the chance and enjoy the delicious combination of sake and white chocolate!

    Masuizumi Japan Sake Kit Kat Website *Japanese only
    Kit Kat Japan Website

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