Enchanted Kyoto! A Short list of 4 Beautiful Places to Visit

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  • Kyoto is a big place. Being a historical city, it is home to hundreds of shrines and castles. The city is even known as The City With Ten Thousand Shrines, that is the number of shrines you will come across when searching for places to visit in the area. To add to the confusion, 17 among the thousands of structures in Kyoto are Unesco Heritage Sites. So, to shorten the list, here are some of the most beautiful places in Kyoto that some may even consider as enchanted.

    1. Kinkaku-Ji Temple

    Most commonly known as the golden temple among tourist, this Unesco Heritage site making it one of the most visited places in Kyoto. The breathtaking structure of the temple is credited to its two floors covered in gold leaf. All throughout the four seasons the golden temple emit a sense of beauty and extravagance.


    2. Sagano Bamboo Forest

    15 minutes ride from Kyoto’s station gets you to the enchanting bamboo forest in Arashiyama. The tall bamboo enveloping the pathway creates a soothing ambiance the entire walk. Since it is a popular attraction welcoming tourists from all over the globe, visit during the off season to lessen the crowd and get the bamboo forest all to yourself.


    3. Fushimi Inari

    If Japan is famous for its Torii gates, you will be in awe with the thousands of endless gates in one of the hills of Kyoto. There are over 10,000 orange colored Torii Gates dedicated to the gods of rice and sake. Yes, a beautiful place to visit and to take pictures of but you may find it eerie during the afternoon and low seasons for the pillars evokes a mysterious mood in the place.


    4. Maruyama Park

    If you happen to visit Kyoto in spring where the cherry blossoms grace the streets of Japan, you ought to visit the Maruyama Park. 226 meters above sea level, the park is surrounded by 1,700 cherry trees. There are also cypress and woodpecker making it a nice place for a stroll, or to watch birds.


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