4 Special Food Souvenirs You Should Buy in Japan’s Wakayama Prefecture in 2019

  • Japan’s Wakayama Prefecture is home to many temples, shrines, and museums, especially known for Wakayama Castle that sits at the mouth of Kii River. Besides having a vast history, the prefecture is also popular for selling delicious local items and crafts. If you ever visit the place, don’t forget to bring home some of the famous souvenir items which you can give to your family, friends, and colleagues. Here are four of them!

    1. Nomu Mikan

    Mikan, also known as a mandarin orange, is considered one of the top souvenirs you can buy in Wakayama. It is a signature food that is normally harvested during early September.

    In Wakayama, there are several products that come in mikan flavor. One of which is Nomu Mikan, a sweet orange juice made from Arida mikan. It contains no food coloring and sugar, making it a healthy drink. It is an ideal souvenir for people who love refreshing drinks, especially during the summer season.

    2. Wakayama Ginger Ale

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    Wakayama Ginger Ale is another popular product you can buy as a souvenir in Wakayama. It has been receiving favorable attention from buyers due to its health-related benefits. It is uniquely sweet and is great for women as well as children.

    The taste of ginger is not that strong so you can comfortably drink this anytime. Ingredients include sugar, ginger, fragrance, acidulant, and Vitamin C, all of which have been directly harvested in Wakayama where nature is abundant. A bottle of this normally comes in 250 mL.

    3. Jabara Ponzu

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    Jabara is a citrus fruit that is similar to yuzu and mainly cultivated in Japan. A highly-favored souvenir in Wakayama is its squeezed citrus juice called “ponzu.” It is usually used as a seasoning, a light citrus dressing, or a sauce for dipping meat. It has a well-balanced taste of sweetness, bitterness, and acidity.

    When it comes to health-related benefits, Jabara Ponzu is known to treat allergies. This is a great addition to one’s pantry, especially those who love cooking.

    4. Kagero

    Kagero is a local confectionery that has historically represented Wakayama since 1967. It was even presented to the Emperor and Empress during the Showa period. They praised the sweets which made them more popular as souvenirs in the region.

    There are primarily three different types of Kagero you can find: the original Kagero, Nama-Kagero (non-baked cream-filled puff), and Frozen Kagero. Definitely a must-try!

    Your visit to Wakayama will not be complete without trying these four special food souvenirs. Bring them to your family and friends at home so that they can also enjoy these locally made items which offer good quality and unique taste. You can find them at nearby souvenir shops around the train stations in the area.

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