Japanese Anime Hit ‘Your Name’ Is Going to Be a Hollywood Live-Action Film!

  • Following the success of the Japanese animation Kimi no Na wa or Your Name in 2016, a Hollywood live-action remake is going to be released in the future. Although there are no clear announcements yet regarding the filming locations, TOHO (a Japanese film distributor) has already announced that the live-action Hollywood version of the animation will be produced by Jeffrey Jacob Abrams (J.J. Abrams) and Lindsey Weber. Here’s more information on the news!

    Why was Your Name successful?

    Your Name is a Japanese animated drama film that was released in 2016. It garnered a lot of praises and became the highest-grossing film to come out in Japan. It was produced by Makoto Shinkai, a Japanese writer, producer, editor, animator, cinematographer, voice actor, and manga artist.

    Just like a few other Japanese animated films, Your Name won over a new set of admirers from the West. The film was so beautiful that it felt like it was happening in real life. The film took over 10 billion yen at the box office which is only usually achieved by Hayao Miyazaki’s animations.

    Your Name revolves around two teenagers who swapped bodies. Every gesture was clearly depicted in the animation and the places were painted with a hyperreal vividness. Although sentimental, the film is also a bit comical giving the story the perfect balance.

    The Hollywood Live-Action Remake

    Shinkai’s beautiful animation has prompted Hollywood to make a live-action remake of the film. The production will be handled by popular American director and producer J.J. Abrams and Lindsey Weber, alongside Genki Kawamura, the producer and writer of Your Name. TOHO will handle the film’s distribution, while the script will be handled by Eric Heisserer, an American screenwriter known for horror script writing. The project is going to be a collaboration between Hollywood and its local version in Japan.

    Making the live-action remake is going to be a challenge as the original animation depicted gorgeous visuals. The Hollywood production team is aware of the criticisms, but they said that they’ll try their best to preserve the Japanese elements in the film as well as the nature of the characters. There have been several backlashes against the remakes of other Japanese animations which is why Your Name‘s production will be carefully prepared and looked into.

    The actual release date of the Hollywood live-action remake of Your Name is not yet known but is definitely anticipated for. Thanks to the incredible creators who have found a way to bring the story to life. Many fans are surely looking forward to it!

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