Checklist: 6 Essential Things to Consider in Packing for Japan Travel

  • HOW TO
  • Have you ever asked yourself what should be in your luggage when you travel to Japan? Aside from your beauty regimen, toothbrush, handy dictionary/translator, passport, and money.
    Well, below is a checklist for what to bring when going to Japan.

    1. Address

    Always bring with you the full address of the hotel or place you are staying in. It is essential especially for first timers. Also, in case of being lost in a certain place, you can always go back to square one as long as you have your address.

    2. Extra Money

    Of course, when you’re travelling in other country, you can’t expect yourself wandering around without any extra cash. Also, you can’t assure cards because not all store and restaurant are accepting foreign credit cards or bank cards. So better bring an extra money with you day in and day out.

    3. Medicine

    This is essential for those who are maintaining medication. It is important because some people can’t just buy medicine without their doctor’s prescription drug.

    4. Camera

    Travelling to a splendid and decent country, you surely don’t wanna miss anything. Taking photos is certainly a necessity!

    5. Converter

    The electricity in Japan is 100 volts. Although you can use it without a converter, the appliance or whatever you plug will lessen its power.

    6. Clothes

    Japan is known for setting the trends. There aren’t any rules in particular when it comes to clothing. You can always wear what you want. On the other hand, your clothes should complement the climate. You won’t be getting dressed up in your shorts when it is winter. Here’s a list of what you should consider according to the climate.


    Spring time in Japan is the perfect time for visiting places. It’s temperature is warm but not too hot. Layering is best for clothing, you can remove or put on your apparel depending on the temperature. You can have jeans, printed shirts, and a cute dress. You can also pair up a light coat or jacket just in case.


    In a hot temperature, you should wear the loose shirt, neutral colored tanks, sleeveless blouse, and shorts/skirts.


    Autumn in Japan is considered as a rainy season. So, like the spring clothing, layering is also a must. You can put on a long skirt, leggings, and button up shirts or blouses. Have an umbrella ready in case of rain. You can also put on a light sweater to combat chill because of the change of temperature from day to night.


    The wind is freezing cold and the possibility of snowing is expected. Stick to fabric that can keep you warm and moisturize such as wools, fleece and polyester. Coat with a fur, long sleeves, thick leggings, jeans, cardigan, and boots.

    7. Socks and Shoes

    Since you’re visiting Japan for a tour, you should probably have comfortable shoes with you. It is for walking because for sure, you will be doing a lot of that. Also, a pair of shoes that can easily be slip on and off because, in Japan, it’s a custom to walk without shoes indoors, you might have to take off your shoes very often. So, please be sure to pack your best socks and pantyhose to avoid any embarrassment when you took off your shoes.