Enjoy Fine Food and Complimentary Drinks at These 2 Great Restaurants in Tokyo!

  • Japan is famous for its cuisine. It is thought to have the most Michelin Starred restaurants of any country in the world, and takes food very seriously! There are numerous dining options to choose from if you are in staying in Japan. With the growing competitive food market in the country, it can be tough for new restaurants to become successful.

    In order to thrive, these restaurants set up certain strategies to attract diners. One of these is a complimentary drink service. Here are two restaurants in Tokyo where customers are treated to a free drink, as well as being able to sample fine food on the menu!

    1. Apollo

    Apollo is a famous restaurant in Tokyo which serves modern Greek cuisine. It opened on March 31st 2016. However, this restaurant originally began in Sydney, not in Greece, so don’t be surprised if most of its cuisine has some Australian influence!

    The restaurant is owned and run by Jonathan Barthelmess and Sam Christie, and is located in Tokyo Plaza Ginza building (11th floor), occupying a massive 160-seat space. What’s great about this place is that it serves a complimentary welcome drink which can either be an alcoholic drink or a soft drink from the menu.

    Some of Apollo’s popular food options include Kefalograviera, a sheep and goat’s milk cheese which has been cooked and seasoned with oregano, honey, and lemon juice. A highly recommended main course option is the oven-baked lamb which has been carefully cooked for 10 hours. If you want to taste authentic Greek food, try the “Full Greek” set menu which costs 5,800 yen for dinner. Most dishes are cooked using charcoal grill which is a common cooking tool in Greece. Main ingredients include olive oil, fresh vegetables, and seafood. The restaurant is open from 11:00 am to 23:00 pm.

    Apollo Website


    2. Fratelli Paradiso

    Fratelli Paradiso is an Aussie Italian restaurant which opened on the third floor of Omotesando Hills in May 2017. The place is owned by the Paradiso brothers, Enrico and Giovanni Paradiso. They’re both Italian and were raised in Australia.

    The restaurant has a laid-back atmosphere with quality service and honest Italian food. It is trendy, smart, and fashionable, but not overly formal. It offers complimentary welcome drinks to customers. The customer can choose an alcoholic or soft drink from the drink menu. Some of the popular specialties you can try in this restaurant include Bottarga Pretzels (1,700 yen) and Pasta Scampi (2,500 yen). Bottarga Pretzel is an imported pretzel which has been baked. It has a roasted fragrance which makes all the more mouthwatering! Pasta Scampi is a signature dish made of fresh, whole-wheat, long pasta.

    Your meal will not complete without trying their very popular Tiramisu (900 yen). Its key ingredient is mascarpone, a popular Italian cream cheese. The restaurant also focuses on serving local organic wines. Many of these wines are easily paired with food, such as the “La Chiocca Toscana Bianco.” This restaurant is open daily from 11:00 am to 23:00 pm but it closes at 22.30 pm on Sundays.

    Fratelli Paradiso Website


    If you want to feel like a valued customer in Tokyo, you should head to these two great restaurants which serve complimentary welcome drinks. Pair your drink with any of the delicious food items they serve and bask in the wonderful ambiance and breathtaking views they offer. Relax while immersing yourself in two of the finest culinary dining establishments in the capital city!

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