10 Japanese Animations to Bring Back Those Childhood Memories

  • I am sure that all of you have seen Japanese cartoon movies on tv a some stage. Also, maybe many of you have a favorite that reminds you of your childhood!

    Yes, there is no doubt that Japan has many great cartoons that have also been on show in many other countries. Some of them are ones that we always looked forward to watching every weekend. So, what popular Japanese cartoons remind you of your childhood? Let’s check out the list below.

    1. Doraemon

    Nobody should hesitate in confessing their love for Doraemon. A kind robotic cat that has a magic pocket that can do everything. Doraemon is Nobita’s best friend and likes to eat Dorayaki. Watching Doraemon will give you an idea about the life of many kids in Japan.

    2. Pokemon

    This is a story of a boy who collects data on all the pokemon. Ash, the name of the boy is accompanied by his best pokemon friend, Pikachu. He then meets Misty and Brock, and they start their adventures together.

    3. Sailor Moon

    I think many girls used to really like this cartoon. Sailor Moon tells the story of her friends. The girls transform into heroes to search for a princess and legendary silver crystal.

    4. Detective Conan

    These are manga series that tell the story of a boy named Conan who always helps in a criminal investigation. Conan always uses his intelligence to solve the problems, although nobody knows that he is always the one behind the successful cases.

    5. Saint Seiya

    This is the story of five mystical warriors called the “Saints” who fight in armors called “cloths”. The saints have sworn to defend the reincarnation of the Greek goddess in her battle against Olympian gods who want take control over the earth.

    6. Shin Chan

    This is a funny Japanese cartoon about the boy named Shin Chan who always makes trouble for his mother. Shin Chan is a funny character who always makes any situation humorous.

    7. Astro Boy

    This story tells about the adventure of a robot named Astro Boy. Astro is created by Dr. Tenma, the minister of science, to replace his son Tobio. Finally, Dr. Tenma realizes that Astro cannot replace Tobio and sells Astro to the circus.

    8. Dragon Ball

    This story tells us about the journey of Goku from his childhood until adulthood, exploring the world to find seven orbs known as Dragon Ball. On his journey Goku meets some friends that help him in his battles. This movie was inspired by a Chinese movie ‘Journey to the West’.

    9. Chibi Maruko Chan

    A simple story about everyday life of Momoko Sakura and her family in suburban Japan. Momoko Sakura or Maruko is a nine year old student from a poor family of six. She is a young lazy and disorganized girl as opposed to her sisters.

    10. Captain Tsubasa

    This movie tells about the struggle of Tubas Ozora who wants to make his weak school football club into the champions. It is a very enjoyable series that will make it difficult to leave your couch until you’re done.

    So, now that you have seen this list, which movie do you like the most and which one brings you to your childhood?