7 Must-Visit Spots in Okinawa’s Miyako Island: Beaches, Capes, and More

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  • Miyako Island is one of the best islands to visit in Japan, especially during the summer season. Located in the south of Okinawa, it is reachable from Tokyo via a two-hour plane ride. Aside from being known for its brown sugar and pineapples, the island has lots of other attractions such as beautiful beaches and snorkeling spots. It is also famous for its local dishes, Miyako beef and Miyako soba (Okinawa noodles). Out of the numerous things to do in the area, here is a list of seven must-visit spots!

    1. Sunayama Beach

    Sunayama Beach, which literally translates to “Mountain of Sand,” has an arch-shaped rock that attracts many Japanese and foreign visitors. You can visit this beach without paying any entrance fee, and you are able to use the free toilet and lifeguard as well. It is a 15-minute drive from Miyako Airport.

    Sunayama Beach Website

    2. Yoshino Beach

    If you are looking for snorkeling spots, Yoshino Beach is highly recommended. Here, you can enjoy seeing the highest population of colorful fish among all of Miyako’s beaches. Beach facilities include showers, toilets, and a rental shop. They also provide some water sports and activities such as banana boat, kayaking, etc.

    Yoshino Beach Website

    3. Aragusuku Beach

    Aragusuku Beach is another must-visit if you love snorkeling. Besides its shallow depths, you can also enjoy seeing lots of tropical fish. You can reach it via a 30-minute drive from Miyako Airport.

    Aragusuku Beach Website

    4. Ueno German Culture Village

    Apart from the beaches, you also have to drop by the Ueno German Culture Village. At this park, there are many replicas of traditional German buildings such as a German mansion and Marksburg Castle which has a Museum of Philanthropy inside. Not only that, but you can also experience their underwater observatory, boat rides, and a heated pool; however, there is an admission fee.

    Ueno German Culture Village Website

    5. Higashi-hennazaki Cape

    This is one of the areas in Okinawa with the best scenic views. If you have a driver’s license, you can rent a car and drive to this place which is located at the southernmost point of Miyako Island. When you get there, you will be able to enjoy beautiful sceneries of flowers such as evening primrose and trumpet lilies.

    Higashi-hennazaki Cape Website

    6. Miyakojima Kaichu Koen

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    For people who dislike diving but would still like to see Miyako’s sea life, you should go to Miyakojima Kaichu Koen. There is no need to get wet here at all as the facility allows you to observe corals and tropical fish through acrylic panels.

    Miyakojima Kaichu Koen Website *Japanese only

    7. Nanraku

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    Nanraku is an Okinawan izakaya (Japanese bar) where you can try a dish called “Nekomanma” with sea grapes or umibudo. Not only that, but you can also try Miyako beef sashimi and Miyako soba at this restaurant.

    Nanraku Website

    Don’t you think that Miyako Island is one of the best places to visit in Japan? You will be able to relax at the beach, play around with your family members, see some colorful tropical fish, etc. So what are you waiting for? Go and have a BEACH – Best Escape Anyone Can Have!

    Miyakojima Travel Website

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