Enjoy Drinks, Snacks, and Awesome Views on Japan’s Tallest Ferris Wheel in Osaka!

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  • Do you know that the tallest Ferris wheel in Japan has been operating since July 2016? This popular and entertaining ride was established in Lalaport EXPOCITY, an entertainment complex in Osaka City consisting of many shops and restaurants.

    The ride, called Redhorse Osaka Wheel, has transparent gondolas which take you up to a 123-meter height! It is also quite a sophisticated and modern ride, suitable for all the family, which offers more excitement to riders. Best of all, the ride also allows people to bring drinks and snacks onto the gondola, making it a super fun experience and a great opportunity to view Osaka City from a great height.

    What is Lalaport EXPOCITY?

    If you’d like to visit the tallest Ferris wheel in Japan, you need to make your way to Lalaport EXPOCITY, where the wheel is located. Lalaport EXPOCITY is situated in Osaka and consists of various stores with different themes.

    There are many boutiques and luxury-brand shops you can visit. Besides Redhorse Osaka Wheel, it provides different entertainment areas such as NifreL, Pokemon Expo Gym, Osaka English Village, Orbi, Entertainment Field, Anipo and 109 Cinemas Osaka Expo City.

    When it comes to fashion shops, some popular favorite places include Adidas Brand Core Store, As Know as Pinky, Descente Blanc, Cole Haan, goa The Store, Jelly Beans, JeNNi, Kutsushitaya, Lowrys Farm, Nergy, NOLLY’S and Goodman. On the other hand, some great shops for interior and daily goods include LoFt, T-fal Store, Sanrio GIFTGATE, KIDDY LAND, MUJI, and LUSH.

    You can really make a day of it in this shopping and entertainment venue, and it’s a great setting for the Redhorse Osaka Wheel with its incredible views of the city.

    Lalaport EXPOCITY Website


    About Redhorse Osaka Wheel

    The “Ferris wheel of diamonds and flowers”, in Kasai Rinkai Park, Tokyo, used to be the tallest Ferris wheel in Japan. With the opening of Redhorse Osaka Wheel, that Ferris wheel became second in rank.

    Redhorse Osaka Wheel is now enjoying its fame as the tallest Ferris wheel in Japan and the fifth tallest in the world! It offers a thrilling and panoramic ride in modern transparent gondolas. The experience will make you feel like you’re flying in the air! Reaching the top will also give you the chance to see some breathtaking views of Osaka City.

    Going on the wheel takes about 18 minutes and costs 1,000 yen. Some people ride the wheel in the evening for the opportunity to see the sunset from above. This could be quite challenging as you need to time it perfectly to make sure you are at the top when the sun sets! There are also days when the sky is cloudy which may prevent you from seeing the sun.

    At night, the Ferris wheel is beautifully lit up which makes it very attractive. The ride allows riders to eat and drink inside the gondola as it turns around in a slow and relaxed manner. You can buy some snacks at “Redhorse Marumie Plaza” before the ride. In order to ensure a more comfortable ride throughout the season, every gondola is equipped with air-conditioning and heating.

    There are also fabulous VIP gondolas which provide a more luxurious ride, although they are more expensive than regular ones. They cost 8,000 yen per ride. People with a disability are given discount tickets which are 500 yen, and should ensure they bring a disability certificate on the day.

    Redhorse Osaka Wheel Website


    If you’re keen to see the whole of Osaka City at an awesome height, you should check out Redhorse Osaka Wheel. Make sure you don’t have a fear of heights as the transparent floors could make your stomach churn. Enjoy your time in Osaka and definitely try to make time for this incredible attraction!

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