Arabian Night Restaurant In Sendai

  • If your are a new visitor in Japan, authentic Japanese food is something that you would like to try, however, if you are a resident and would like to try something new, check this oriental restaurant in Sendai. Today, I recommend you to visit the Palestinian Dining Zaytoon in Sendai, located just a few minutes from Sendai station, in the heart of Sendai city Center. Zaytoon restaurant will welcome you with Mediterranean atmosphere and great taste of Levantine dish.


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    Opened just years ago, Zaytoon received many positive reviews as a new restaurant with a unique style and bring a new fresh idea to the world of gastronomy. Sendai people could escape for a little bit from daily lifestyle and enjoy the new environment in this restaurant. And if you have a chance to visit Sendai, please make a time to try this wonderful restaurant

    Palestinian Food Menu


    The foods are delicious and various. There is something different with this restaurant that I did not find it in many foreign restaurants in Sendai. You can feel its serenity and unique fragrant that come out from the foods. Totally worth to try.You can even try their Shisha (Mizu-Tabako).


    Authentic Palestinian dishes are something that we cannot get easily here in Japan, with a chef cooker from a Palestinian origin, you will be amazed of how tastes can be so different from one country to another. Trying their Kabab and Baba Ghanoush (Traditional Levantine cuisine made from eggplants, olive oil and onions and others seasoning) are highly recommended for visitors.
    For the Muslim visitor, this restaurant is Halal restaurant even though not yet certified, they also served non-alcohol drinks. You can always ask the chef/restaurant staff for further information about the Halal-ness of the dish serve.

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