Satisfy Your Hunger With Unlimited Ramen at This Fantastic Restaurant in Tokyo!

  • Ramen. It makes me hungry just looking at the word! This wonderful dish is a Japanese comfort food and is known all over the world. There are hundreds of ramen shops in Tokyo and all over Japan, and numerous different varieties to indulge in. If you’ve got a craving for ramen, and feel like one bowl is not good enough, then you should check out an awesome newly opened shop in Tokyo called Ramen Buffet Buta!

    Ramen Buffet Buta is not your typical ramen shop as it offers all-you-can-eat ramen for less than 1,000 yen (1,050 yen for male adults)! It is not very common to find a ramen shop which allows diners to eat endlessly, but at Ramen Buffet Buta diners can create their own ramen, add as many toppings as they desire, and eat as much as they can in the allocated time!

    What is Pork Stock Ramen?

    Ramen is a typical food eaten in Japan. It is a noodle soup dish that is ideal for travelers who are on a budget. There are so many types of ramen based on stock soup, and one of these is pork stock ramen which generally uses pork stock. This is also known as tonkotsu ramen. Tonkotsu ramen is a particularly popular dish which originated in Fukuoka but can now be found everywhere in Japan! It was originally prepared as a fast food for laborers working in fish markets.

    To prepare the ramen, pork bones are boiled until they dissolve. This results in a tasty, cloudy, white broth. Most of the time, pork fat is used to thicken it and make the dish into a creamy soup. It is simply a delicious and comforting meal to have, especially during the cold season!

    Unlimited Ramen at Ramen Buffet Buta

    “Buta” is the Japanese word for pig, and Ramen Buffet Buta is the name of a newly opened restaurant in Tokyo. It is an all-you-can-eat ramen joint that is located in the city’s popular sightseeing spot of Asakusa. Although it is unlimited, diners have a 30-minute time in which to eat.

    At this restaurant, you first select the toppings which you prefer (stewed eggs, cooked pork, green onions, pork belly, seaweeds, tofu and more). You can pick as many toppings as you want as long as you can finish it within the 30-minute limit! You can then ask for your broth and noodles and add the toppings to it. The broth is made of authentic Tonkotsu flavor while the noodles come in different levels of density. You can choose soft, normal, hard, or extra hard for your noodles.

    Alongside the ramen, you can also enjoy unlimited desserts, salads, and juice. This restaurant is normally open every day except on Wednesdays. It only has 16 seats to accommodate diners, so you should consider heading there early! If your kids have big appetites and you’d like to bring them along, you may do so as they are only charged half the price.

    Ramen Buffet Buta is a great place for ramen lovers. It provides delicious unlimited ramen at a very affordable price. The place is ideal for people who are into pork stock ramen or who like the taste of pork. If you’re one of the many people who is obsessed with ramen and have a big appetite, you should definitely head to this shop! Bring your family along and enjoy eating this comfort food that has taken over the world!

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