Find Out About Ishoku Hada, a Bold and Eye-catching New Fashion Trend in Japan!

  • It is no surprise that new fashion trends keep on sprouting in Tokyo. In 2017, another trend hit the neighborhoods of the capital city. Insanely bright and colorful painted skin is now considered a form of self-expression and is becoming increasingly popular.

    This new fashion trend is known as ‘Ishoku Hada’, which literally means unique or remarkable skin. The face of this trend is Miyako. Miyako is a model and DJ who has also been creative in expressing herself with the use of body paint, in order to emulate the video game characters she liked. Read on to find out more about this unique, bizarre, but typically Japanese fashion trend which is really taking off!

    Trendy Fashion in Japan

    When it comes to young, vibrant fashion, Japan is surely a winner on the international stage. Their fashion culture is original, innovative, and inspirational. Some of these trends can be cute while others can be a bit creepy. Popular fashion trends include Lolita, Gyaru, and Decora. Lolita is highly popularized as an uber-feminized fashion style, Gyaru is a street fashion which originated in the 1970s, and Decora is characterized by colorful, kawaii clothing.

    Besides these three, there are other trendy fashion styles in Japan such as Visual-kei, a style that combines clothing and music and tends to be seen as an underground style or subculture. The presence of these four fashion styles is very significant in Japan. It can be seen in many places, but you are almost guaranteed to spot these trends at cosplay events and in fashionable areas such as Harajuku.

    About Ishoku Hada

    Ishoku Hada is fashion subculture which is about being ‘kawaii’ in a sexy way. People who follow this trend often display flamboyant painted skin which is really eye-catching. Creating this style involves a combination of the following elements: anime, body paint, and video games. This style also includes every imaginable color and shade. Ishoku Hada is said to have drawn its inspiration from cosplay, sexy monster girls, ‘ganguro’ (a fashion trend where women sport a dark tan), and anthropomorphic characters.

    It is common to see many kinds of bold fashion statements on the streets of Harajuku, Tokyo, where people often sport the latest street fashion crazes. Nearby to Harajuku is the equally trendy neighborhood of Omotesando, where you can see perhaps more classic styles and plenty of designer stores.

    If you’d like to join the Ishoku Hada trend, don’t forget to sport colored skin, some bright contact lenses, multi-colored wigs, and bold yet colorful accessories. Also, if you’d like to know more about Miyako, the pioneer of Ishoku Hada, you can follow her Twitter account here . You can see several of her tweets which relate to this new fashion trend along with some incredible images.

    There are so many shocking and exciting fashion trends in Japan. In 2017, Ishoku Hada is perhaps the most unique fashion trend that you can spot along the streets of Tokyo. It is believed that many future modern trends could arise from this trendy culture.

    This head-turning fashion is growing popular and is expected to boom in the near future. The creators, including Miyako, are aiming to spread the fashion around the country and hopefully around the world. So why don’t you express your beauty in a whole new way by following this unique fashion trend? You will definitely attract some attention!

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