Satisfy Your Matcha Cravings at These 11 Restaurants and Shops in Uji, Kyoto

  • When talking about Kyoto’s Uji City, the image of matcha is probably one of the first things that come to mind. Uji, being the second largest tea plantation region in Japan, is well known for its superior quality green tea. Even though there are many places in Japan that offers matcha and matcha products, fans simply cannot miss tasting matcha in Uji. Check out these 11 places for some matcha-licious treats found only in Uji!

    1. Uji Surugaya

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    This sweets store is famous for their green tea rice cake and they claim to be the only store in Uji that sells this confectionery. Other matcha confectionery sold here include chadango, yokan, soft serve, and much more.

    Uji Surugaya Website

    2. Sobadokoro Nagano

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    This restaurant is well known for their handmade green tea soba. You can watch how they prepare the noodles through a large window. If you can’t read Japanese, no worries as an English menu with pictures on how to eat the soba is available.

    Sobadokoro Nagano Website

    3. Mitsuboshien Kanbayashisannyu Honten

    Though their menu is limited, Mitsuboshien Kanbayashisannyu Honten’s food and other tea products surely won’t disappoint you. Established around 500 years ago, it had served 16 generations of the shogun family. Today, it serves as a cafe and a tea shop. You can also experience matcha making here by reservation.

    Mitsuboshien Kanbayashisannyu Honten Website

    4. Kyoryouri Ujigawa

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    “Kyoryouri Ujigawa” literally translates to “Kyoto Cuisine Uji River.” Living up to its name, this restaurant is situated by the Uji River and serves Kyoto cuisine. Their menu includes soba noodles with matcha, green tea leaf tempura, green tea inari sushi, and much more. Boxed lunches are also available for takeout, but make sure to contact the restaurant first.

    Kyoryouri Ujigawa Website

    5. Nakamura Tokichi Honten

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    Nakamura Tokichi Honten was established in 1864 as a tea firm. Today, they have their own brand of tea plus a few branches of tea shops and cafes all over Japan. Their cafe’s most popular creation is the matcha ice cream with jelly and adzuki beans served in a bamboo section. They even have an online store (Japanese only)!

    Nakamura Tokichi Honten Website

    6. Oyasumidokoro MARUKICHI

    Famous for their sanshoku dango (tricolor rice flour dumplings), Oyasumidokoro MARUKICHI offers a variety of tea products and souvenirs. These include Uji Zanmai (tea-flavored rice flour dumplings) from Kyoto Tatsumian, tea from Tsujiri, yatsuhashi, and much more.

    Oyasumidokoro MARUKICHI Website

    7. Notonojo Inafusa Yasukane

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    Established in 1717, this shop is known for its elegant-tasting Japanese confectionery. Their most famous product is their Ocha no Dango made from a very unique and traditional manufacturing method.

    Notonojo Inafusa Yasukane Website

    8. Itohkyuemon Main Branch/Café

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    You can shop tax-free and dine at Itohkyuemon, which also happens to be the tea purveyor for nearby World Heritage temples and shrines. The cafe’s most popular menu is none other than their matcha parfait. English and Chinese menus are also available here.

    Itohkyuemon Website


    People come to MASUDA-CHAHO just to try out their green tea soft serve topped with green tea powder. Besides their confectionery, they also sell Uji tea, canned tea leaves, tea whisks, and other tea-related things.

    MASUDA-CHAHO Website

    10. Magozaemon

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    Green tea soba is pretty common but green tea udon, on the other hand, is rather uncommon. This restaurant is famous for their handmade green tea udon. They also offer green tea soft serve.

    Magozaemon Website

    11. Sabou KUNUGI

    Situated next to the river, you can have a nice river view from this restaurant. Two of the most spectacular items on Sabou KUNUGI’s menu are their matcha fondue and matcha awamochi (rice flour dumplings with a special matcha bean paste). Other matcha-based dishes are also available.

    Sabou KUNUGI Website

    There surely is a lot of matcha treats to savor in the city of Uji and trying them all will most likely burn a hole in your wallet. So here is a tip: get yourself a Keihan Special Sightseeing Pass which will allow you to save your money in terms of transportation and discounts at some certain shops in Uji. Hope these recommendations satisfy your matcha cravings!

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