3 Upcoming Japanese Summer Festivals

  • The Japanese festivals called Matsuri in Japanese are traditional festive and fun occasions where you can learn more about the culture and the traditions. The Matsuri normally are held by local shrines or temples. The Matsuri happen in every season and usually the ones which occur in summer or autumn are related to the rice harvest. There is some big Matsuri that will be held soon. Maybe one of them will take place in your city. So, don’t forget to see it. Below here, there is the upcoming matsuri that will be held in Nagoya, Osaka and Kyoto.

    1. Atsuta Matsuri (Nagoya)

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    Atsuta matsuri will be held on June 5th in Atsuta shrine, Nagoya. Atsuta matsuri is the biggest festival of the 70 festival held in the shrine and one of the most popular event of the year. This ritual will be performed by the high priest in the sanctuary area. While in bigger compounds, the portable shrines called mikoshi will be carried. There are also martial arts performances. In the evening, there are some vendors with paper lanterns and fireworks performance.

    Atsuta Matsuri
    Atsuta shrine Access

    2. Gion Matsuri (Kyoto)

    Gion Matsuri will be held during July in Kyoto. This is the festival held by Yasaka shrine. Gion Matsuri name is inspired from the name of one of the popular district in Kyoto-Gion. This matsuri is the one of most famous and important matsuri in Japan. The matsuri is said as the part of a purification ritual to serve Gods to protect from fire, floods and earthquakes. There are many different events in this festival, but the most special one is the grand procession of float (Yamaboko Junko) on 17 July. Another event is festive evenings preceding the procession (Yoiyama).

    Gion Matsuri
    Yasaka Shrine Access

    3. Tenjin Matsuri (Osaka)

    Tenjin Matsuri is held in July 24th-25th in Osaka Tenman-gu Shrine. This matsuri is said as one of 3 best greatest festivals in Japan, as well as world’s greatest boat festival. There are performing arts such as kagura music and bunraku theatrical performance during the events. The highlight of this festival is a land procession which involve 3000 people dressed in the imperial court style in 8th- 12th centuries and boat procession when those 3000 people embark in 100 boats.

    Tenjin Matsuri
    Osakatenman-gu Shrine Access
    So, don’t forget to take a note of the dates and enjoy the festival!

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