The 2 Best Parks for Hanami (Cherry Blossom Viewing) in Sakura Season

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  • I’m very excited every time spring comes closer because I have a special thing I really want to do in spring. That is “Hanami”. Have you heard of it before? If you don’t know what it is, don’t worry, I will tell you about it in this article!

    What is Hanami?

    In short, Hanami is and activity that involves eating foods, drinking alcohol and do whatever you enjoy doing outdoors while viewing sakura(cherry blossoms). The most attractive thing about it is that you can have a party outside while seeing beautiful sakura. Many people go out to have a Hanami with their friends or colleagues from their company. How to begin your Hanami? Just set your blue tarp wherever you want to see sakura from and prepare the food and the drinks!
    There are two good spots I recommend for Hanami!

    Ueno Onshi Park, Tokyo

    There are two really good places that I highly recommend you to for Hanami. One of them is “Ueno onshi Koen” located near Ueno station in Tokyo. It has been a really famous Hanami spot for a long time. Though it opens from 5am, people who want to set their blue tarps are already lining up before then. Therefore, if you want to get a good spot from which you can have a great view, you might want to do the same thing.(Sometimes people line up from a day before.)

    Ueno Onshi Park Access

    Maruyama Park, Kyoto

    The other place is Maruyama park located near Gion Sijou station in Kyoto prefecture. The area near the park is called Gion and you can also see traditional Japanese townscape there.

    Maruyama Park Access

    I especially love these two places but there are many places except them for sure.If you have a time please try to look for your favorite Hanami place by yourself.


    It is a common manner to bring whatever trash you have to either large trash bins installed in Hanami areas or to your house. These places are public, so make sure everything is as clean as it was, before you leave. Thank you!

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