10 Delicious CALPIS-Flavored Products That You Should Try in Japan

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  • CALPIS, a 98-year-old Japanese cultured drink, has been quite a name over the years. This refreshing white-colored drink with a sweet and tangy flavor quickly became popular among all ages when it first hit the shelves.

    Also marketed as “CALPICO” in some countries, the brand has expanded from just a cultured drink to confectionery. Sometimes, they even collaborate with other food companies to come up with interesting CALPIS-flavored treats. Let’s have a look at the variations of the first lactic acid drink in Japan!


    Apart from the CALPIS concentrate and CALPIS WATER, there is also a carbonated version! It is one of the earlier variations of CALPIS with a twist. This drink first came to the market in 1973.

    2. CALPIS Jelly Drink

    If you would like to have something to drink and bite at the same time, why not have some CALPIS Jelly Drink? The soft and jiggly jelly will surely dance in your mouth.

    3. CALPIS x MINTIA Mints

    How about some sweet CALPIS-flavored mints? CALPIS collaborated with Japan’s most famous mint brand, MINTIA, to produce these unique sugarless sweets.


    Nope, the entire marshmallow is not CALPIS-flavored, if that’s what you’re thinking. Instead, it is a normal marshmallow with a CALPIS jam filling. Yum!

    5. CALPIS Gummies

    These soft and chewy gummy candies are available in many flavors such as original, apple, grape, peach, etc. Like the marshmallow, these slightly sugar-coated gummies have a jam filling in them.

    6. CALPIS Kit Kat

    Another weirdly interesting flavor of Kit Kat is this collaboration with CALPIS. It has a tangy citrus taste with a hint of yogurt.


    What’s better than a glass of iced CALPIS on a hot summer day? A CALPIS ICEBAR!

    8. Coolish x CALPIS

    If you want something creamy instead, why not go for Coolish x CALPIS? Now, for those who are not familiar with Coolish (by Lotte), it is a unique soft serve in a pouch where you need to squeeze out the contents to be able to eat it.

    9. CALPIS Pastries

    To add to the long list, there is even CALPIS bread! Released by Yamazaki Baking Co., Ltd., the “Funwari Shokupan” has been on supermarket shelves in Japan (except Hokkaido) since 2008. Other variations of CALPIS-flavored pastries include the CALPIS sponge cake, tart, steamed bun, and many others. However, these fluffy and chewy pastries are only available in summer.

    10. CALPIS SOFT Spread

    Now, I believe nothing goes better with a slice of CALPIS bread other than CALPIS SOFT Spread! Described as sweet and sour, this spread can also be used for baking.

    This list doesn’t even make-up a third of all the CALPIS-flavored products. Some of the products were, unfortunately, only available for a limited period of time and are no longer in the market. Lucky are those who were able to taste them. It is rather unfortunate that I did not manage to sample any of these products during my visit to Japan. However, the original CALPIS drink got me hooked and kept my gut healthy. How about you, what’s your favorite CALPIS product?

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