Miyagi Best 5 “Halal” Restaurants

  • As the growing numbers of Muslim visitors, the city now is ready for the increasing numbers of Halal eateries in the area. Here are the best five Halal eateries in Sendai city.

    1.Nan Tandoori

    Nantandori restaurant will serve you with its authentic taste of Indian cuisine. Loved by many Muslims and Japanese students because of its cheap prices and great taste. Nantandori is ready to welcome Muslims visitor in Sendai. The owner of the restaurant also runs Halal Shop nearby called Majumder Food. The owner is nice and very friendly person.


    2.Hotel Metropolitan Sendai

    The restaurant there is the only Halal-certified restaurant that serve authentic Japanese cuisine in Sendai. Hotel Metropolitan Sendai received its Halal certification from MHC Co., Ltd. There are two kinds of dish that you can choose, western style or Japanese style. They use freshs selected ingredients for every food they serve to us.

    Hotel Metropolitan Sendai


    There is various kind of curries selection and all you can try to eat the Halal Tabehoudai. It is quite delicious. Zamzam serves amazing flavorful Chai and it could be refilled. All menu in this restaurant are Halal.


    4.Zaytoon Palestinian Dining

    Halal foods, great taste and nice restaurant design. Zaytoon is a great place to spend your time, please enjoy the food. With the atmosphere, you will feel like somewhere in the Middle East.



    Halal certified Kabab roll and Kabab Rice available in Sendai city’s Spinner restaurant, you can choose as well the spiciness of your kabab. Not just Kabab menu that’s Halal, they have more Halal certified menu in the list, just pick your choice and they will serve you with best hospitality. However, some of menu in this restaurant are not Halal certified, so make sure you check the sign before order.