Travelling in Japan on a Budget: Stay and Transportation Tips

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  • If you are planning to travel to another country, maybe you do think about how much it would cost before anything else. Where to find a cheaper hostel? What is a good way to go to the east of Japan from western Japan? I think these are the two biggest concerns for many. So I’d like to tell you how to travel comfortably on a budget in Japan. I hope you will find some information that you were looking for!

    How to save money on stay expenses?

    First of all, how do you save money on stay expenses? Maybe some of you will say hostel is the best the cheapest option. Sure, hostel is a really good option too. But there are two other good choices!

    • 1. Internet cafe

    One of them is “Internet cafe”. Internet cafes can be found everywhere in developed countries. What makes Japanese internet cafe different is the fact that you can stay at an internet cafe all night, just like in a hostel. In Japan, internet cafes are normally open 24hours and the space is divided into booths for each person. The booths are normally equipped with comfortable reclining chair and sometimes slippers. Free drink bar is also normally included in your stay. And the price for that is usually from 1000yen to 2000yen ,though you have to pay extra if you want to take a shower there(300yen for 30minutes.If you extend time,200yen per 10 minutes) A usual hostel costs around 2500yen~3000yen per day, staying at an internet cafe can save you some money! If you want to check more details about it, you can check the web page of the most popular internet cafe chain.
    Media-cafe website *Japanese only

    • 2. Sento

    Another one is Sento, or a Japanese public bath. You can take a bath there and relax in a relaxation room while it is open. It’s kind of rare but some sentos are open for 24hours.That means you can stay there at night. The price is normally around JPY2,500.

    What is a cheap way for long travels?

    If you are planning to travel around in Japan,I definitely recommend you to buy a ticket called “Seishun 18 kippu”. Every year, it gets released in spring, summer and winter. This year(2015), it will be released from 7/1~8/31 and 12/1~12/31. Though you have to buy 5 tickets at once for 11850yen, you only need to use one a day, and you can go anywhere, provided that you take a JR train. In short, you can travel to anywhere for 2370yen per day. The problem of this, however, is that it can take a lot longer than using other options. If you want to know more details about it, please check their website.

    JR East website *Japanese only

    Additional info

    You don’t need to buy any water because you can usually drink tap water.
    Sushi chain restaurants are a lot cheaper than in the other countries.You can eat it at affordable price and it is delicious.
    If you need to buy some souvenirs or small necessary items, you can find almost anything in “hyakkin”(local 1dollar-shop) where you can get anything for 100yen.