3 Contemporary Artists From Japan That You Should Know About!

  • Contemporary art is everywhere and comes in many forms. Some people appreciate it, while others prefer more traditional work. Japanese contemporary art has been influenced by several underlying factors. Some of these have come about through traditions and historical events. The country is known for being home to many pioneering artists who have transformed and reflected society on both a national and global scale.

    Contemporary art has a unique approach, and art lovers differ on their opinions of some modern art. If you’d like to learn more about it, you should know about these three popular contemporary artists in Japan, all with a range of fascinating and skillful pieces and some interesting ideas.

    1. Hiroyasu Tsuri

    Hiroyasu Tsuri is a Japanese contemporary artist. Also known as “TWOONE”, he is considered one of the leading academic artists of the 21st century. He was born in Yokohama where he also spent most of his childhood. He moved to Melbourne, Australia when he was 18 years old. There, he found opportunities to become an artist and develop his skills.

    He joined the underground street art scene in Melbourne and developed a passion for art and artistic expression. Most of his works feature animal heads. From there, Tsuri continued learning and mastering his skills. After graduating in 2006, he started displaying his artworks around the world. As of 2017, he resides in Berlin, Germany, a hub of expressive and open-minded art.

    Hiroyasu Tsuri Website

    2. Riusuke Fukahori

    Another popular contemporary artist in Japan is Riusuke Fukahori. He was born in Aichi and is known for his three-dimensional studies of Japanese goldfish. His interest for art started when he became fascinated by his pet goldfish. It stayed alive even after being abandoned for years!

    He began his studies at Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music in 1991. He later developed the technique of pouring resin (a flammable, organic substance which is insoluble water), into household items like bowls. He has received many awards in his lifetime such as the Turner Acryl Award 2003 Imai Norio Prize. He was also selected for the 9th Okamoto Taro Contemporary Art Grand Prize Exhibition in 2006. He is currently living and working in Aichi as of 2017.

    Riusuke Fukahori Website

    3. Hitotzuki

    “Hitotzuki” is a Japanese word which means “the sun and moon” in English. Hitozuki is actually a husband and wife artist duo, Kami and Sasu, who were both born in Tokyo. They used the word Hitotzuki as a way of conveying the harmony between man and woman.

    Their artwork is a combination of elegance and vibrant, uplifting artwork. Unlike other artists, they have no formal education and instead pursued their artistic interests alone. Sasu’s work is centered on mandala artwork with a focus on natural elements, while Kami’s work is focused on providing strong, wavy composition.

    If you happen to see some of their works, you’ll notice that they come in mainly blue and black colors. The artists started using these in 2008. It became a unique color scheme which ultimately identified their artwork. Both of the artists are currently living in Tokyo and continue to live a creative lifestyle while also often traveling overseas to showcase their artwork.

    Hitotzuki Website

    If you’re interested in learning more about Japanese contemporary art, simply knowing these three artists and their artwork is a great first step. It will give you an insight into more modern Japanese art and can help you understand the sort of contemporary ideas driving modern art in Japan today.