This Japanese Artist Paints Amazing 3D Food Replicas! Can You Tell Which Is Real?

  • A Japanese artist who goes by the name “Polka” shocked many with her paintings. With the actual item on one side, usually a packet of food, she would paint an exact replica on the other side against a black background. At one glance, they look like your usual packets of food. But upon closer look, you might be able to spot some slight discrepancies. Can you tell the real item from the painted one?

    Lunch Pack

    In the video above, Polka showed the process of her painting. You would not believe that one of the items is actually hand-painted!

    Can you guess which one? The one on the right is not real!

    As you can see from the video, Polka had replicated a stunningly exact copy of the packet of food with what seems like acrylic paint. Even the comments on YouTube are exclaiming, “Both looked real!” and “I cannot tell which is real.” Some even joked, “Please don’t do this for the coupons used in festivals. (lol)”

    Animal Biscuits

    If you cannot get enough, here’s another amazing artwork from Polka, this time with a packet of animal biscuits.

    So, which is the real one?

    In painting this, Polka amazingly illustrated the exact shapes of the animals and even went ahead and matched their bright colors! What’s more, she did not forget to include the reflection of light on the packet to give it a real 3D feeling.

    Weider Energy Jelly

    In yet another work of Polka, she painted the Weider Energy Jelly drink. Not only did she bring out the silver packaging, Polka also made sure to replicate the parts with more shadow and the parts with more light reflection.

    Asahi Beer Can

    With a similar approach, Polka also did an illustration of the Asahi beer can, known for its silver packaging and black and red words. On top of the reflective silver, she also added water droplets to show condensation on the can of ice cold beer. It’s astonishing how these water droplets are carefully drawn to show the light reflection and refraction!


    Are you still intrigued? How about testing yourself with another artwork?

    Of the six biscuits, three are actually hand-painted! The question is, which three?

    If you want to see more of Polka’s works, check out POLKAnoe on YouTube! With more than 50,000 subscribers, Polka uploads not only these amazing 3D food replicas, she also paints realistic human eyes and lips, beautifully painted landscapes using colored pencils, head models made from clay, and more. Polka can even sketch illustrations of famous people like Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean on a toy drawing board!

    If you noticed in the videos (although condensed to a two-minute clip), Polka usually completes each painting between three to six hours as the intricate details require time and patience. This talented Japanese artist is definitely worth checking out!

    POLKAnoe Website