Taste Japan’s Best Omelette Rice at This Famous Restaurant in Kyoto!

  • An online video showing the process of how Chef Yukimura Motokichi makes his omelette rice brought his restaurant to popularity. “Sexy” is the best word to describe his creation, and the video made me want to visit Kyoto where this restaurant is located. Let’s find out more about it!


    Omelette rice, or omurice, is a Western-influenced Japanese dish that consists of fried rice wrapped in egg. It originated around the turn of the 20th century at a Western-style restaurant in Ginza, Tokyo. Japanese people always call it as “omu-raisu,” wherein the word “omu” refers to “omelette.”

    Kichi Kichi Restaurant

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    Just a five-minute walk from Sanjo Keihan Station and you will reach Chef Yukimura Motokichi’s restaurant, Kichi Kichi. It’s a little bit difficult to find if you don’t use GPS, however, its red signboard made me notice it quickly.

    When I first visited Kichi Kichi, I didn’t make a reservation in advance so I wasn’t able to enter. When I asked the waitress whether or not I could make a reservation for the next day, she said that they were fully reserved for the following three days. They are that famous! So be sure to make a reservation in advance via their website before dropping by. Note that each reservation slot is for an hour, and if you are late, they will consider it as a cancellation.


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    Besides its famous “Fluffy Open Omelette Rice,” Kichi Kichi also serves beef stew and ox tongue stew. During my visit, I went with a friend, so both of us ordered one full portion of omelette rice and the ox tongue stew for sharing.

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    Kichi Kichi’s omelette rice comes in two portions as the waitress explained beforehand by showing both rice molds that will be used.

    Chef Yukimura began to show his skills in making an omelette rice. First, he explained what kind of ingredients he used in making the fried rice, then the egg. He is able to cook it into a perfect shape while maintaining the fluffy texture of the semi-cooked egg. He placed it on top of the rice and sliced it open with a knife. Sexy! The semi-cooked egg inside was revealed, and finally, a demi-glace sauce was poured on top.

    Although the price is a little bit expensive, I can say that it was a satisfying meal. The texture of the semi-cooked egg inside was absolutely amazing.

    If you get a chance to visit Kyoto, I highly recommend you to drop by Kichi Kichi. Don’t forget to make a reservation in advance or you will miss it!

    Kichi Kichi Website

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