Enjoy a Coffee and Explore Your Spiritual Self at This Unique Cafe in Tokyo!

  • There’s a cafe in Tokyo which serves not only coffee but also prophetic messages from God. It is called “Yogen Cafe.” Its vision is not only to serve high-quality products and services to customers but also to deliver God’s messages of love.

    It is said that many of the customers come alone in order to have some time for reflection. The popularity of the cafe is mostly spread by the word of mouth and is clearly seen in the number of customers who visit it on a daily basis. There are two branches, one in Takadanobaba and one in Akasaka. Check them out!

    About the Cafe

    Yogen Cafe has quite a history, beginning in 2005. It is linked to Tokyo Arise 5 Church, which was struggling before the cafe opened in Akasaka. It is headed by Kazuyo Yoshida and her husband, Hiroshi.

    Since the church needed a boost in order to expand its vision and mission, Kazuyo came up with an idea to open a ‘prophecy coffee shop’. They also affiliated themselves with Christian International (CI) which also agreed to this innovative new method of ministry. It was seen as a contemporary way of reaching out to people in a casual and modern way.

    It opened in 2005 as a licensed coffee shop with classy decor and a relaxed atmosphere. Some people think that the approach is a bit unorthodox but others feel it has nothing more than a good intention of spreading the word of God. Although the number of visitors was low at the beginning, it began increasing later on, especially with the visitation of top spiritualists.

    It was frequented by Christians at first but later became popular among non-Christians who were curious about the prophecy or simply wanted to relax and stay in a unique cafe. Some of their customers include politicians and businessmen who want to receive a prophecy from God.

    What to Expect at the Cafe

    Once you enter the cafe, you will be asked to write your name on the signature sheet. If you arrive early, you’ll be able to wait in the comfortable waiting area until it opens at 2:00 p.m. The cafe closes at 6:00 p.m.

    You can make an order according to the order of listed names. After you have ordered your coffee, a staff member will come to your seat to give you the prophecy. You can also record your prophecy using a mobile phone or a recorder. The shop can also provide you a cassette tape if you wish, which costs 150 yen.

    The cafe serves a selection of drinks, particularly coffee. They also roast their own beans in order to provide quality and fresh drinks such as their popular ice coffee with whipped milk. The staff is composed of six church members who do different tasks such as making coffee, taking and delivering orders, and giving out the prophecy. Around 130 to 150 people visit the cafe daily and it is said that 90% of the customers are regulars who visit often. Take note that the cafe is closed on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays!

    If you want to receive a prophetic message from God while sipping your coffee, it would be recommended to give this cafe a try! The first cafe was opened in Akasaka, but with the increasing number of customers, it has also opened a larger space in Shinjuku. If you’re not in a hurry, come and visit one of these venues to relax and be enlightened!

    Yogen Cafe Website

    Yogen Cafe Takadanobaba Access

    Yogen Cafe Akasaka Access

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