Want To Get in Shape? Check Out These 3 Good Fitness Clubs in Japan

  • The number of people wanting to get fit in Japan has been increasing in recent years. This has led to the opening of several health and fitness clubs around the country which cater to health-fanatics’ needs. Fitness doesn’t only help people stay in good shape but it also curbs the nation’s ballooning medical expenses and means you can have a bit more of that delicious fried chicken which calls to you from the convenience store.

    If you’re one of those people who’s serious about taking care of your body or wants to try and get serious about it, then you should head to these three recommended health and fitness clubs throughout the country.

    1. Club 360

    This club is the perfect place to be if you’re looking for a premier health and fitness center. It offers personal training, exercise classes, sports massage, boxing classes, physiotherapy, and exercise classes for children. The place is conveniently located near Roppongi Hills.

    Other classes include Fit 360, dynamic indoor bootcamp, pilates, kickboxing, core and cardio workout, and butt and thigh workout. There’s also a rehabilitation center which ensures you’ll recover well from the workout. A highly qualified therapist is there to assist you. You may also bring along your children if you’d like them to join the fun. You can also enroll them in exercise classes like karate.

    You should come to Club 360 if you’d like to have access to the highest level of support in order to achieve the desired fitness level you want and the lifestyle you deserve.



    2. Orange Gym Rats by 4GS

    Whether you’re a beginner or a dedicated trainer, the Orange Gym Rats by 4GS is the ideal workout atmosphere for you. It is a western-style gym that is located in Roppongi. The place offers several gym training programmes such as cardio, kickboxing, free weights, and circuits.

    If you decide to become a gym member, you are entitled to free protein shakes, water, and towels. This center is open from 6 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Please note that the gym accepts credit cards and has no specific rule when it comes to tattoos. Unlike other gyms, the place doesn’t require you to change your indoor shoes once you enter. This is a friendly place that wants to create a positive and supportive atmosphere to get fit.



    3. Konami Sports Club

    Konami Sports Club is a health and fitness business operated by Konami, and has centers throughout Japan. It provides different facilities according to the different goals and needs of individuals. It provides customers a healthier lifestyle by enabling them to stay on track.

    Nationwide facilities are divided into four categories and four pricing plans. Plans include Free Exercise Plan (unlimited frequency), Regular Twice-Weekly Plan (up to eight times a month), Kick-start Weekly Plan (up to four times a month) and Laid-back Fortnight Plan (up to twice a month).

    There are also class-style programs for children such as a very diverse array of sports classes. Konami Sports Club has so many locations in the country, and some of them include swimming pools and other facilities.

    Website *Japanese only

    Access (There are many branches, but we will introduce one of them here.)

    If you’re looking for a way to stay healthy and maintain a good fitness level, you should try visiting these three health and fitness clubs in the country. Every club has personal trainers who can properly assist you in making a programme based on your fitness level.

    Staying fit and healthy doesn’t happen overnight so you still have to stay committed and determined to achieve your body goals, but being in a positive atmosphere at one of these fitness centers could really help you!

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