Meet The Murata Robot, An Innovative Solution for A Smarter Japan!

  • Have you ever seen Murata Robots before? You may well have come across them on news or advertisements. They are small robots which have been developed by the Murata Company. This company is a global leader in the design, manufacture, and supply of advanced electronic materials.

    The first robots were launched in 2005 and are now being used as the basis for developing more advanced technologies that will make Japanese society smarter. In a country with an aging population and with all the future problems this is likely to cause, these new technologies could be the answer to many of the country’s, and even the world’s, issues. Find out more about this innovative creation.

    About Murata Company

    Murata Manufacturing Company Ltd. is based in Kyoto, Japan. It is considered superior when it comes to electronic materials. It offers varieties of innovations which range from monolithic ceramic capacitors, crystal filters, chip inductors, mobile phones, home appliances, and more.

    Ths company started its projects in 1944 as a personal venture, in Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto, and has become more and more innovative through the years. Its main goal is to contribute to the advancement of societies. It not only creates innovative products but also solutions in order to make the community smarter.

    It focuses on enhancing technologies and skills and applying a scientific approach to everyday issues. It also tries to be as trustworthy as possible with all stakeholders in order to increase its prosperity. Its central philosophy was created and founded by Akira Murata in 1954. Murata thought about how he’d be able to improve the society and the environment as a whole.

    Murata Robots

    Murata started introducing their robots in 2010. The Murata Boy TypeECO was an energy-conscious model. It is composed of low-power, high-efficiency components that contribute to conservation efficient energy use and new energy devices. It is also able to contribute to environmental performance through its components, and is capable of serving many functions such as coming to a stop and maintaining balance, detecting obstacles, doing inclined climbing, balancing on a beam, and running over an S-curve balance beam.

    The robot has a female counterpart which can perform a lot of stunts such as coming to an idle stop, running in reverse, and following others. She is regarded as the younger cousin of Murata Boy. This robot is composed of a gyro sensor, an ultrasonic sensor, bluetooth modules, a filter, a power supply module, a timing device, a capacitor, an inductor, and an NTC thermistor.

    Then came the Murata Cheerleaders on September 25, 2014. Their key features are stabilization and synchronization. Each cheerleader is 36 cm tall and weighs 1.5 kg. They’re considered to be like elementary students who are full of energy and curiosity. They can move at 30 cm per second and can cheer for an hour. They move flawlessly because of a communication module which relays the data to the central control system.

    Although these robots are not commercially available (yet!), the impact that this sort of technology could have on society is being studied. The company is hoping that the principles in designing the robots will be adapted to other industries in the future.

    Besides being fun to watch, Murata robots are greatly significant to the future generation and to the aspiring young generation of creators. These robots use wireless communication and complex data systems to potentially adapt to current society and make it work more efficiently or be able to aid people in everyday tasks.

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