Garments Made From Japanese Rice Wine Is Now a Thing in Japan! Check It Out!

  • Nowadays, fashion models just don’t walk the ramp with clothes made from common fabrics such as nylon, cotton, and silk. New fashion trends have been rising and many clothes are now made from newspapers and other unique materials! In Japan, there is a new line of innerwear that has become the talk of the town as it is made out of fabric extracted from the widely popular Japanese rice wine or sake. Yes, as bizarre as it might sound, you can now find garments made from sake extract in Japan!


    Triumph is a lingerie company that mainly targets women with its cool and unique underwear designs. There are several Triumph stores across Japan where you can find various selections of undergarments.

    Some of Triumph’s interesting concept bras, which took the Internet by storm, include the “Super Cool Bra” that is oddly designed like fish tanks to keep you cool during summer, the “Rice Paddy Bra” where you can spring up some real rice, and the “Solar-Powered Bra” for the eco-friendly.

    The New Concept Innerwear

    Now, Triumph has come up with yet another unusual concept for innerwear that is said to be perfect for winter. The line is called “Attaka Joppari Hoshitsu Inner (あったかじょっぱり保湿インナー)” which roughly translates to “Warm Joppari Moisturizing Inner.”

    The garments in this new line of innerwear are made from sake lees or sake residue obtained after the production of sake. Sake lees can be used for a lot of things – from pickling to fabric making. This by-product of sake undergoes a couple of separate processes, which we will discuss later, to yield effective sweat-absorbing and heat-maintaining fibers perfect for the winter months. They can be compared to thermals that we usually wear underneath to keep ourselves warm and comfortable during colder seasons.

    The sake lees used in making Triumph’s Attaka Joppari Hoshitsu Inna line are provided by Rokka Shuzo, one of the famous sake breweries in Hirosaki, Aomori Prefecture. Their “Joppari” sake (thus the name of the line) garnered immense praise and won the gold prize in the International Wine Challenge 2016.

    How It’s Made

    Top-notch brewery Rokka Shuzo, Aomori Prefecture’s pride, says that they use a technique where the rice is fermented unhurriedly and that the entire process of preparing the fabric takes a lot of time as it requires special attention.

    Since the amino acids that make the fabric smooth and wearable take a lot of time to develop naturally, they are slowly added to the fabric during production instead. However, the alcohol present in the sake lees usually evaporates quickly, leaving the resultant residue moisturizing.

    If you want to buy this unique type of innerwear, just head to any Triumph store in Japan and expect to shell out between 3,780 yen and 4,860 yen per garment. The products come in various colors, too.

    What do you think of this new innerwear line from Triumph? Are you keen on trying it out for yourself this winter?

    Triumph Japan’s Attaka Joppari Hoshitsu Inner Website *Japanese only

    Triumph Japan Website *Japanese only

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