On the Search for Love? Visit and Pray at These 2 Love Shrines in Tokyo

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  • Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with a beautiful love life. Some people have a hard time finding their perfect match, while others are having troubles conceiving. These are a few of the reasons why many couples and young girls pray for luck in love. In Japan, some even visit shrines that they believe can answer their love prayers. Let’s check out these two love shrines in Tokyo!

    1. Akasaka Hikawa Shrine

    Akasaka Hikawa Shrine is a Shinto shrine that is located in Akasaka, Tokyo. There are many legends about when it was actually established – some say in 951, while others say in the late 7th century. This became the personal shrine of the eighth shogun of the Tokugawa shogunate of Japan, Tokugawa Yoshimune. He ruled from 1716 until 1745 (his abdication). The shrine is said to have been destroyed during World War II but its core buildings remained intact.

    The shrine pavilion encloses the Shiawase Inari Shrine, which is believed to help bring love to people. It was named by Kaishu Katsu, a noble supporter who helped saved many lives during the Edo period.

    Besides blessing people with a good match, the shrine is also believed to protect people against misfortune, provide peace and prosperity in the household, and allow businesses to thrive. An annual festival is held at the shrine on September 15.

    Akasaka Hikawa Shrine Website

    2. Imado Shrine

    Imado Shrine is one of the most popular shrines for matchmaking in Tokyo. The deities of marriage and prosperity are enshrined here which makes it an ideal place for those seeking answers to their love prayers.

    As you can see, there are welcoming cats (maneki-neko) in the shrine – a couple cat believed to ensure that everyone who asks for a perfect match will find one. In line with this, there are cat figurines being sold which are believed to bring good fortune and luck in love and marriage.

    Imado Shrine is accessible by foot from Asakusa Station and Sensoji Temple (Asakusa Kannon Temple). Don’t be surprised to see tons of cats wandering inside the shrine!

    Imado Shrine Website

    These are not the only places where you can pray for love in Tokyo. Other shrines include Izumo Taisha Tokyo Bunshi, Shiba Daijingu, Hakusan Jinja, and many more! Try visiting any of these shrines and they might bring you good luck in matchmaking. Just have faith that someday love will find its way to you.

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