Want to Be on TV in Japan? 3 Places in Tokyo Where You’re Likely to Get Interviewed

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  • It is the dream of many to “make it big,” and there are many Western people who came to Japan as expats that ended up being famous TV stars. For those who would just like to be on TV for a few minutes in Japan, it is actually easier than you might think. Here are three locations in Tokyo where, if you are lucky, you could get interviewed by a Japanese TV company and make an appearance on television!

    1. Akihabara

    The Electric Town of arcades, electronic stores, cat cafes, maid cafes, and otaku heaven is a popular district for those looking for anime and manga merchandise, places to drink coffee while petting cute animals, and those trying to win a plushie in a UFO catcher. This energetic area is visited by thousands of people a week and is a must-visit for Tokyo-goers who are into pop culture and video games.

    If you are a Western person, there is a chance you may be approached at some point by a television company to be interviewed about either pop culture or things in your home country. Try going a month or so before an event or season such as Halloween, Christmas, Mother’s or Father’s Day, or Valentine’s Day. You may be asked how these are celebrated in your home country.

    It is important to keep in mind that there aren’t television companies there all the time, and there are many foreign people for them to interview, so you have to be lucky. Dress nicely, hang around Akihabara Station, keep an eye out for cameras, and you just might be interviewed.


    2. Ginza

    Ginza is a great place to visit in Tokyo for shopping and is home to some stylish department stores and restaurants. The newly opened GINZA SIX featuring artworks by Yayoi Kusama is also worth a visit. This fashionable district is also the place to hang around if you’d like the chance to be interviewed.

    TV companies may be looking for foreigners to talk about shopping or other urban lifestyle topics. Dress your best, grab a coffee at one of the many stylish cafes, and see if you can get a TV company to notice you.


    3. Narita Airport

    The highly popular TV show, Why Did You Come to Japan?, means that often, there are TV crews spending time at the airport to chat to tourists who either just arrived in the country or who are getting ready to leave. If you are truly committed to appearing on this show, get yourself to Narita Airport (take a suitcase for extra authenticity) and keep an eye out for camera guys.

    Be prepared to answer questions such as “Why did you become interested in Japan?”, “Is it your first time here?”, and “What’s your favorite thing about Japanese culture?”


    You don’t have to dress super formally but wearing stylish clothes can’t harm your chances of being approached for an interview. With these three locations to stop at, you will hopefully be able to appear on Japanese TV giving your opinions of the country and culture as well as providing some interesting things about your own country. Don’t worry if you are from a non-English speaking country as they probably will still be interested to hear what you have to say. Good luck!

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